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New products from Deep Fire

Deep Fire have sent in a list of their new products:

Dear customer, Thank you for your support :)

Enclosed my brand new item:
DF-CPO53 DeepFire NEW HOP-UP Barrel Key(Steel) (Common For Systema PTW)
DF-CPO54 DeepFire NEW HOP-UP Chamber Packing (Common For Systema PTW)
DF-CPO55 DeepFire NEW HOP-UP Chamber Packing Base (Common For Systema PTW)
DF-CPO56 DeepFire NEW HOP-UP Hop Adjuster , Roller Packing , Fit Pin (Steel) (Common For Systema PTW)
DF-CPO57 Battery Adaptor for Marui M4A1 SOCOM
DF-SW012 M4 7"MRF-C-CQB (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW013 M4 7"MRF-C-Carbines (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW014 M4 12"MRF-CX-Carbines (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW015 M4 4" MRF(Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW019 M4 9"MRF-M-CQB (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW020 M4 7"MRF-C-Commando (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW024 M4 4" MRF CQB Compact (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW025 Nb.Hgr.39 Grenade (Dummy)
DF-SW026 Nb.Hgr.39 Grenade (Airsoft Version)
DF-SW027 STUN Grenade (Airsoft Version)
DF-SW028 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 7"MRF-C-CQB (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW029 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 7"MRF-C-Carbines (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW030 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 12"MRF-CX-Carbines (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW031 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 4" MRF(Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW032 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 9"MRF-M-CQB (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW033 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 7"MRF-C-Commando (FullTitanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)
DF-SW034 Deepfire HOP-UP System Version M4 4" MRF CQB Compact (Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set  Gearbox)

Please a look :) If have any question or take a new order, please feel free to let me know, Thanks, Regards Terry, Product Manager (Deep Fire)

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IWA 2010, Who’s going to be there? Your guide.

IWA 2010 will happen on March 12th to 15th 2010 at the Nurenberg Exhibition Centre in Nürnberg, Germany. For those eligible to attend, I’ve compiled a list of known airsoft retailers or manufacturers who are going to have a presence at the show and where you will be able to find them.



image Redwolf Airsoft UK

Redwolf Airsoft’s UK office will have a booth at IWA 2010. They will no doubt be exhibiting a range of airsoft equipment from a range of high quality manufacturers. They are situated in Hall 3 in booth # 3-335 just left of the Hall 3 entrance.

Airsoft Evolution International S.r.l

imageAirsoft Evolution International will be here at IWA 2010, and are going to premiere and unveil their DSR-Precision fully licensed DSR-1 Sniper Rifle. Airsoft Evolution International claims that this is the the only fully licensed DSR-Precision DSR-1 available today so would be interesting to check out. According to IWA, they are in Hall 3, Booth #3-615 but they claim to be in Booth #3-623 but that doesn’t exist so I’m sure you’ll find them at booth #3-615.

image King Arms (Cybergun s.a)

King Arms will be present at IWA 2010 as they are every year with a selection of some of their more popular releases throughout the year such as the SIG 556 HOLO and Galil AR. King Arms will be situated in Hall 3, Booth #3-510.


Star Rainbow Toys Company (SRC)

imageSRC never shies away from the gun and toy shows and IWA is no exception. SRC will have a big presence at IWA 2010 where I expect they will be showing off the recently announced line of 2010 Gen III electric and gas airsoft products. Unlike most of the other airsoft companies, SRC is situated in the very far left of the Law Enforcement hall. Hall 6 Booth #6-402.


Guay Guay Trading Co. (G&G Armament)

imageG&G Armament has been making some exciting product announcements lately such as the RK-95 and FS2000 and MK14 EBR so I’d expect to see these and all the other new technologies such as the series 4 blowback system. Check them out in Hall 3, Booth #3-603.


That makes up the main exhibitors but leaves a select few that you may want to visit as well, I have listed them below. Remember, IWA 2010 is a trade show and is unfortunately not open to the general public.

Cybergun s.a. – Hall 3, Booth #3-511

ActionSportGames (ASG) – Hall 3, Booth #3-503

Mil-Force * Airsoft-One – Hall 6, Booth #6-138

S-Thunder – Hall 6, Booth #6-148

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Evolution 6: JG A47 Tactical

In Mother Russia, the guns shoot you, but in Mainland China, your guns are shot. Or they may as well be, as the crew find with another ACM clone of the AK47 design, the Jing Gong A47 Tactical. They don’t pull any punches as they give you the dirt on this AEG, even in the face of death.  This may end badly!


It matters not which part of the world you hail from, anyone with eyes can tell, THIS is an AK47.

Before you ladies get your panties in a bunch, take note, this gun is Tactical. How do we know its Tactical? It’s got a friggin Spetznas in the manual!

You could be a freedom fighter or a PMC. If the Spetznas like it it’s good enough for you.
Be happy gentlemen this kit comes with NEARLY everything you need out of the box. Just add ammunition then you can shoot 600 rounds to your heart’s content. And for you SPECIAL forces wannabees it does come with these luxuries. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

You pansies will love the buttstock on this … smooth as a babies behind.

Now I have heard some of you wannabe commandos whine that the JG A47 tends settle down to 313 FPS at 0.25g (348.67 FPS at 0.25g). I don’t want to hear you babies fault your equipment. If your issued A47 drops to 1.13 Joules over time, it’s down to your poor maintenance regimen, soldier. Such a situation, as any Spetsnaz will tell you, is easily made up for by spraying it on full auto, at 14.4 rounds per second.

Accuracy at 15 yards is–
Look, even if it shoots terrible 7cm groupings at 15 yards, it’s obviously your failing.
You’re not man enough to shoot this gun straignt.

Now, listen close, cause what I’m about to tell you can get a man killed. The major problem with the JG A47, its ugly secret, is its mismatched cylinder the hole is twice the size of a type 2! You might as well let all the air out, and it does.
Whatever genius left out the closed cylinder should win the Darwin award.

But don’t let me catch you blaming it for inconsistent grouping.

Nevermind that endurance tests show, a 2 out of 4 chance that the gun you’re holding
will fail in some catastrophic fashion. Survivors suffer rapid loss of power and are in need of an upgrade.
Consider yourself lucky if the Chinese factory put your unit together properly.

Dammit. Now you know too much. A Spetsnaz team is probably already inbound to take you down.
The world cannot know that JG A47 is not recommended for field use in any shape or form.

You better run now little man. And get a gun that works!

What do you think of the Jing Gong A47? Tactical or impractical? Let us know in the comments!

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Airsoft101: Need to know info for Beginners

Airsoft 101 (index.php/airsoft-101.html) for anyone that's looking for some general knowlege on the basics of Airsoft. The page covers…

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Photos of ICS booth at SHOT Show 2010

ICS have sent through some photos of their booth at SHOT Show this year.

ICS changed the design of ICS booth this year and display variety of topic. Our booth, future products, existing products and other displays attract many visitors’ eye balls. We also produced a serious video clips to display the unique features of ICS AEGs. Overall, we get very positive responses from visitors (ICS)

tn_DSC_7831 tn_DSC_7832 tn_DSC_7833 tn_DSC_7836
tn_DSC_7838 tn_DSC_7848 tn_DSC_7821 tn_DSC_7822

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Affordable airsoft from S-Thunder

imageFollowing their successful launch at Shot Show S-Thunder have sent us further information about themselves and the products they manufacture:

Mr Yu-Hon Li, Director – Business Development of S-Thunder Limited states that S-Thunder’s gas grenade and gas landmine product lines are designed and engineered completely differently compared to other traditional airsoft grenade and airsoft landmine products from other companies.  S-Thunder is currently patenting the designs for the gas grenades, gas landmines and its Super Paintball Marker model SPM-100 as S-Thunder’s design enhances the durability of the gas discharge mechanism and efficiently uses CO2. Under normal operation, our gas grenades and gas landmines are able to hold charges for several days and are designed to cycle for months before the gas core needs to be replaced – and the CO2 replacement is affordable at US$8.99.  This same technology is applied to our CO2 accessories and users will find that S-Thunder’s CO2 accessories will not leak gas for weeks at a time as we also developed a special O-ring compound that can tolerate the extreme pressure and temperature changes when using CO2 and as documented in our website,, we do not offer O-rings as we feel they are not necessary.

image image image
image image image
 image image
image image
image image
 image image image

One of S-Thunder’s goals is to help make airsoft and paintball more affordable in order to broaden the sports’ appeal.  Our gas grenades come with a standard top gas / green gas core, but this can be converted to use CO2 with a quick switch to a CO2 gas core.  After demonstrating our units at the Shot Show, we were extremely surprised in receiving much positive feedback and interest from several dozens of companies involved in military / tactical / police training as they found our units to be both affordable, durable and functional.  We feel that along with the interest from importers and retailers, we may be able to offer a product that will make war games more fun and realistic for everyone.  S-Thunder is currently in discussion with a major UK distributor and these products should be available at UK retailers in the coming months.  We recommend that interested parties contact their local retailers regarding availability of S-Thunder’s products or they can visit the S-Thunder website.


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Viva Arms M1919 Browning Machine Gun Pre-Order

Aha! Getting bigger this time, though we wish this could have been a gas blowback one. RedWolf Airsoft is now taking pre-orders for this one… "The M1919 Browning is a .30 caliber medium machine gun that was widely used during the 20th century. It was used as a light infantry, coaxial, mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine gun by the U.S. and many other countries, especially during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Although it began to be superseded by newer designs in the later half of the century (such as by the M60 machine gun), it remained in use in many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries and elsewhere for much longer. It is very similar in design to the larger .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Machine Gun, which is also a Browning-designed weapon and is still in NATO service.

Viva Arms produces this excellent Airsoft replica made from steel and aluminum. The M1919 Browning Machine Gun comes with an M2 style Tripod made from Steel. Batteries Not Included. For more details check back soon!"

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