BattleTac releases Commander GPS Tactical Tracker

Motion trackers now got competition in airsoft, though when we tested this late last year, it also has some real world tactical purposes, not only for airsoft… "BattleTac just released Commander, the world’s first tactical GPS tracker: It’s a GPS device which displays the position of friendly forces on the map real-time. Using BattleTac you will always know where you and your comrads are on the map as they are moving. So, BattleTac gives you essential information to make better tactical decisions.

The Commander is designed to use by team leaders and in-game vehicles, and it is fully compatible with the existing BattleTac software solution – available on PDAs, laptops and Java capable mobile phones for free – so you can use it together with buddies using the free software version.

Plus, Commander is a full featured satnav device, it works perfectly in your car as a car navigator, bluetooth hands-free and multimedia player!

More information on the site:

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