MadBull Ultimate Tightbore Barrel Release

The MadBull Ultimate Tightbore Barrel is For the serious airsoft player who prefers accuracy rather than rock and rolling via spray and pray as this item requires a lot of care and attention after every game… "6.01MM Barrel is not for everyone! The bore of this barrel is so tight around the BB that even the smallest obstruction in the barrel will cause a jam when fired. This barrel is recommended ONLY for advanced/experienced players that take the responsibility to clean their barrels regularly in order to avoid jams.

  • World First 7075 Aircraft Alloy Airsoft Barrel
  • 6.01mm Precision Tightbore
  • Hard Anodized coating
  • Titanium color finish
  • Ultimate tensile strength & hardness

Price? Only about 10% more than our BlackPython barrel!"

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