Airsoft GI G4 PWS Blowback

Another custom gun from Airsoft GI… "Never before have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine M4 Blowback with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted this fine gun with the Madbull PWS Front End Conversion Kit. As a result, the final product is a CQB-range carbine with unique looks and functionality.

This is apart of a new line up of guns to be manufactured by Airsoft GI. We’ve worked out a special program with Combat Machine to build us a special pneumatic blowback M4 with a crane stock, sling mount, and the wires to the back, so we can eliminate the need for a PEQ box and keep a clean look. The Combat Machine was carefully chosen for their high quality, reliability and incredible value. We’ve dropped the G4 straight onto the ground from 8ft and 9ft with no visible damage to the body, this is the strongest plastic receiver on the market. Additionally, with the innovation and imagination from the Airsoft GI technical team we are building some of the highest quality guns that money can buy.

The Diablo is a unique design from Primary Weapon System to handle the immense pressures created from the gas flow through a 7" barrel design. The Diablo is a one of a kind, industry altering, product for the real gun market, and now thanks to Madbull and Airsoft GI there is an airsoft equivalent for you to enjoy.


  • Manufacturer: Airsoft GI, G&G
  • Muzzle Velocity: 330-350FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 450 rounds
  • Package Includes: Gun, High Capacity Magazine


  • Special Combat Machine Model Base Gun
  • Pneumatic Blowback System
  • Rail Interface System
  • Rear Sling Mount
  • Crane Stock, wired to rear
  • 450 rounds Magazine

Please Note:

  • Scope and Angled Fore-grip are not included.
  • Battery and Charger not included.
  • This product is covered under a 30 days warranty against workmanship and defect, for more details contact Airsoft GI."


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