KSC B&T TP9 GBB Submachine Gun

This is the Japanese version so expect to tune it up to fire at the FPS legally allowed in your country. This fires at around 260fps Availavle at eHobby Asia for US$268… "Stockless version of MP9 Gas Blow Back Submachine Gun. The TP9 is a compact size gun just like a pistol but featuring with Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode.

The Gas Blow Back Job is solid & quick as KSC GBB Pistol. Each cycling will open & close the bolt cover. Realistic cocking lever must be pulled to load first round. Integrated Bottom, Upper & Right 20mm Standard Rails for any accessories. Moderate power reach 260FPS with HFC134a Gas (Due to complicated mechanism, Top Gas is NOT recommended). Get an advnatage over pistols in indoor close quarters skirmishes."

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