RSOV Enhanced Agency Service 2010

It seems that is bent on totally overhauling their customer service, which is one of the better services operating from Hong Kong. Now if you need something at and can only find at other competing retailers, you can just inform and they will try to get their own stock and offer you a cheaper price than other competitors. So check this "enhanced service" at their site.

"What is 'RSOV Enhanced Agency Service 2010' ?

There are over hundreds thousand of different kind of airsoft products in the world from some spendy Japanese brands to cheap ACM (All Chinese Made) stuffs being released in these years.

Everyone knows it is absolutely impossible for a store to stock 100% of every single piece of products in the world so we have established our ‘RSOV Unique Agency Service’ at 2008 serving our customers to seek for airsoft products that we didn’t carried so to save your time, postage and effort to place orders in different stores and wait for individual package to arrive.

With the success of the ‘RSOV Unique Agency Service’ we are pushing the service to higher level and standard with a new web integrated system named ‘RSOV Enhanced Agency Service 2010’.

With the help of the new web system you just need to tell us basic information of the product then we will check and confirm the availability of the product from the manufacturer / suppliers and list it on / RSOV Express® for your purchase.

Furthermore we are not just listing the product but will even check against other web stores to compare their price so to guarantee your price is the best. In most case 3-5% discount should be able to granted and sometimes even more if the product has been overpriced.

Also a lot of new products will be added to our /  RSOV Express® inventory in the near future to maximize our customers choices. We have added 'Magpul PTS' tactical products, 'Firefox' battery packs, 'Flyye' tactical nylon products as well as 'Fenix' tactical flashlights a while back and more to come for sure!

As promised we are always try our very best to improve our RSOV services to serve you better and better so any feedbacks and suggestions will be very much appreciated and helpful. We hope you enjoy our new ‘RSOV Enhanced Agency Service 2010’ and found you like it 😉



How ‘RSOV Enhanced Agency Service 2010’ works ?

  1. You may suggest us the product that you want to purchase in
  2. You have to provide us the product website, product code, and the quantity you would like to buy.
  3. After we receive your request, we will check the availability of the item. If it is OK, we will add this item to our Unique Agency Category
  4. We will send notification to your email for the checking result."


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