CQB Radio: Episode 15 – A Little Late But We're Here

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Just a little something for you multicam fans – The Immortals.

CQB Radio: Episode 15 – A Little Late But We’re Here
– Intro and Welcome
– Word On The Street: New England Airsoft Ops
– Assessment: The Echo 1 ASR, the VFC 416 CQB, and the Real Sword Type 56-1 AK47
– Tricks of the Trade: Interview with Yu-Hon Li of S-Thunder
– Loadout: A gun rack, sling plate, and an Under Armour hat
– Dr. Airsoft: Talking all about Critters (Part 1)
– Retailer Review: Daryle from On Target Airsoft
– Just In: Some new items to the airsoft world
– Closing

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Maine – Operation Eager Jackal is coming June 26th at Harris Field Farm

Maine Airsoft (http://www.maineairsoft.com/) is also now an ARES dealer.

Vermont – check out GMSOG for ops in the Green Mountain State

Connecticut – Operation Liberty Canyon 2 is coming up June 26th and 27th.

New Hampshire – Check out Feel Good Farms and Operation Spring Offensive on June 19th and 20th.

Massachusetts – As always, you can check out http://www.battlegroundz.net and The Citadel (http://www.citadelairsoft.com/)

First up was the Echo 1 Advance Sniper Rifle from Pyramyd Air.

Here’s a shot of what you get with it:

Pyramyd Air also sells the up-grade kit for $30.

Pistol grip, rail for optics, plastic body.

It also comes with a bi-pod, and it’s pretty nice one too.

For the money, a GREAT deal from Echo 1 and Pyramyd Air ($110.00)

Next, we looked at the VFC 416 CQB from Pyramyd Air. This one is official – got trades from H&K.

In the box you get these items:

The mag has H&K trades and is a bit snug to put in the mag well.

Here’s the beauty…

And a little more accessorized!

The next AEG in Assessment was the Real Sword Type 56-1 AK47. NICE aeg.

Real wood and real steel make up the majority of this gun.

I rarely give 10’s in any part of a review but this guy got 2 10’s from me.

We interviewed Yu-Hon Li from S-Thunder next. A great company with great products.

First up on loadout was the Under Armour stretch-fit hat from Gorilla Tactical.

Then we had the Beta Project gun rack.

Here are the parts of the rack you’ll need to put together.

Here it is all put together – a great way to store your AEGs and other guns.

Here it is in my closet holding some guns.

Next up, the DBOYS sling mount.

The Bravo Tactical headset – to be continued…

Dr. Airsoft
Dr. Airsoft shared with us about “critters” (www.airsoftmedicine.com)

In our Retailer Review we talked with Daryle from On Target Airsoft (www.ontargetairsoft.com)

Just In – new items to hear about

The Echo 1 M14 has gotten good reviews.

EHobbyAsia has a TON of Magpul Custom guns.

CRW has the “heat vest” – pretty cool.

And Gorilla Tactical continues to add all kinds of items like these Uncle Mike’s plate carriers.

And that’s it. Check back often.

Keep on firin’,

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