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Ghillie suits take woodland camo a step further. One of the most intense forms of camouflage, the suit does more than mask your location.

In fact, some suits can mimic the surroundings. How so? With enough extra foliage tacked on, a swift breeze will have your accessories swaying right along with the trees and bushes.

Developed by a Scottish gameskeeper in the 19th century, ghillie suits today are typically handmade or built from six separate pieces including a poncho, BDUs or even a pilot’s flight suit. While they generally retail for $115 to $300, you can always save a little bit and try making one on your own.

– Dust Mask
– Roles of Jute
– Fishnet (Decorative Net)
– Camouflage spray paint

  • Making your own suit can range in cost between $60 to $70, according to YouTube user PureMumbles. “I believe making a ghillie suit should be easy and actually quite fun,” he says in his how-to video posted above.
  • Put down a regular t-shirt, and frame the netting around it.
  • Cut off sleeve areas so you can put it on like a normal shirt.
  • Cut jute in foot-and-a-half long strands.
  • String the jute onto the net. Fold each jute strand in half in order to get a loop at the very end.
  • Stick jute into the little holes on the net, and pull it out about an inch or two.
  • Take the other half and stick it through the loop. Eventually all you have to do is pull, and it will form a little knot.
  • Keep on repeating this until the entire net is covered.
  • Paint the suit (if necessary) to match your surroundings.

Have you made a ghillie suit before? Any other sort of camo? Share your DIY tips below.

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