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Boltcatch issue 6 out now

The latest issue of Boltcatch (previously Red Dot magazine) is out now:

Issue 6 of German publication BOLTCATCH Magazine is available now:


Event report: OP BORDER WAR 2
Weapon review: G&G M14 EBR Long
Airsoft International: Airsoft in Schottland:
Weapon review: VFC H&K 416 GBB
Interview: Tom Weber (MILPictures)
Weapon review: G&G G96
Event report: Jugend trifft…
Weapon review: Ares PPSH 41
Got Tools: Schutzbrillen für Brillenträger
Weapon review: WE T91
Got Tools: Garmin 301&401
Weapon review: WE M14
Got Tools: BE-X Kangaroo II
Weapon upgrade: CAA RONI Glock17
Column: Knuts Leseecke
Weapon review: Umarex H&K MP5SD6
Posters: MILPictures by Tom Weber
Cover by Jonathan Marmand


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A Suit that Iron Man would approve

Raytheon XOS 2

Tony Stark doesn’t yet have to feel insecure about this Raytheon project as his Iron Man suit is much sexier and more powerful than this. This one can only carry heavy objects while Iron Man can fly and has repulsor and unibeams to blast the bad guys. But then, Iron Man is for Comicon, while the Raytheon XOS 2 is for the US Military. But I would pick Iron Man’s suit anytime over this, especially with Tony Stark made an upgrade with the suit — did away with motors and servos and instead redesigned it with nanotechnology that can repair and heal the suit when it gets damage (Invincible Iron Man #25).

If Tony Stark is real life and no Iron Man suit in sight, he would approve this project, and even fund it out of his own pocket. The Raytheon XOS 2 is alreayd the second generation of the exoskeleton project with the first generation coming out in 2008. The second iteration brought improvements in power consumption and more lightweight.

However the XOS 2 is not yet designed to fight with its user, unlike the HULC designed by Lockheed Martin which is now undergoing Natick testing.  It is designed for logistics one example of which is carrying heavy munitions such as artillery shells and missiles from point A to point B. The benefits of the XOS 2 is that it frees up people from the burden of logistics and injuries from carrying heavy objects, as it can do work equilavent to three persons. The freed up personnel can then devote their energies to other tactical or strategic tasks at hand.

While the demos show it to be a versatile exoskeleton, it is still bulky enough to warrant use in actual combat. It is more of a tool to be used far from the frontlines. Just imagine using it combat, you’ll be a big target hiding behind a tree or awkward lying prone, and get stuck in tight areas in CQB situations.

The XOS 2 is still undergoing further improvements and the developers are looking to deploying it within 5 years, with more streamlined features and capabilities. There will be another variant of the exoskelton that will be for combat purposes by designing it from the waist down to allow the carrying of backpacks. If deployed together with the HULC, the US army might have troops with superhuman strengths in the not-so-distant future.

The Iron Man Army is almost close to reality.

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SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Shell Ejecting Rifle

SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 8mm Shell Ejecting Rifle

We have read about the upcoming SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Gas Operated Sniper Rifle early this year when they presented this at the Shot Show 2010. Things have died down and then after 8 months, they have sent sneak preview photos of the upcoming rifles just last week. Now, another poster about it. What’s my point? This airsoft sniper rifle’s release is more than imminent and speculate that it will be released next month. Originally designed to fire 6mm shell encased BBs, it’s now 8mm with the casing and thus will be latest shell ejecting sniper rifle in the airsoft market.

As for the pricing, we do not know yet. But then it’s something for you to save up for come Christmas.

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S-Thunder Composite Grenade Launcher & Grenade Shell Reviews

S-Thunder’s new product release, the Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher item # AGL-SB01 has been tested by media reviewers in Ireland, Hong Kong and Canada.

Airsoft International of the United Kingdom has published a detailed review of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher and Foam Ball Grenades.  Jack the Airsoft International reviewer of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher notes “I used it I with great success from a tiny hiding place at Urban Assault in Upwood, taking out two bad guys in one shot – the compact form makes it really easy to swing around in tight spaces, or to pop around a corner and let them have it… far more user-friendly than my underslung M203…”
Yu-Hon Li, Director of Business Development comments “We are very pleased that the airsoft community has welcomed the new Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher so favourably with open arms and the feedback we have received from the media and players have been fully considered and incorporated into improving the performance and durability of our current product lines as well as new upcoming product introductions.”
Through eHobbyAsia’s demonstration video, a sneak peek of S-Thunder’s new upcoming “Short Barrel Grenade Shell” is provided.  This new M203 style grenade shell is a compact and stubby version of the standard M203 grenade shell which will be offered in packages of two (2) grenade shells.  Being smaller, the new grenade shell is light, compact and therefore easier to carry and load for grenadiers.  Mr Li notes that “as seen in our recent introductions with the Composite Grenade Launcher and Short Barrel Grenade Shell, S-Thunder’ goal is to not necessarily offer the same products that others are producing, but offer new and innovative products and engineering to a range of products.  Though some of our products may appear the same as others from the exterior, the innovation lays in the inside of the product which is hidden at first.  Similar to the old saying that one cannot judge a book by its cover only and S-Thunder’s products can only be differentiated from others when they use or see them in action.”.

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Important Information Regarding the Magpul PTS Masada from Spartan Imports

Black metal flash hiders were not included with the Magpul PTS ACR’s being distributed and retailed in the US in order to fully comply with US Customs import regulations.

The airsoft Magpul PTS ACR Masada was designed to be as authentic to the actual ACR as possible including the replication of the barrel quick change interface.  Due to manufacturing tolerances, some of these assemblies can exhibit slight barrel movement.  Exhaustive quality control checks were performed on PTS ACR’s before shipping from the factory.  Only those ACR’s found with slight barrel movement but within acceptable manufacturing specification had lock ring washers included with the gun.  If the gun did not come with these washers, it was determined that they were not needed during the quality control inspection.  However, it is possible that some guns with wobble was missed during inspection.  If the customer does encounter this, we will provide our dealers with the lock washers for the customers that are determined to need them.  The reason why lock washers were not automatically included with ACR is because installing these on ACRs that exhibit no barrel wobble may in fact damage the gun.

The end user customer may also contact Spartan Imports directly via our warranty program.  For warranty submission details and conditions, the customer should read the Spartan Warranty Card included with their ACR or visit

Additionally, some customers have been cracking their handguards due to using improper tools to remove the retaining pin.  The customer needs to use the included dummy bullet to push the handguard pin out.  We will be including further written warnings regarding this issue in future shipments of ACR’s.  Magpul PTS will be reinforcing that part of the handguard in future shipments.  In the meantime, for the customers that purchased their ACR’s from our recent initial shipments, we will, in cooperation with Magpul PTS, temporarily extend our warranty to cover their broken handguards.

Thank you,

E. Sung

Spartan Imports

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Ever Dream of Being a World Champion Shooter?

See what it is like to shoot from the perspective of Revision Eyewear world champion shooter Max Michel.

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Pearls from BB Bastard

BB Bastard have brought another innovative BB to the market:

imageBBBastard is proud to announce another innovative product from BBBastard Labs.

As part of our scouring the globe for new and innovative BB materials, we found some options that brought about the NITES product line. Now we have released another product based on the same technology. We have had thousands of requests for a BB that is .43g or better, with the same hi quality construction our Styrene products have. As part of that search we stumbled across these. Not the solution yet, but we figure we’d throw them our there and see if anyone would want to try them out!

imagePEARLS are super heavyweight airsoft ammunition geared towards non-human target sniping competitions. Each BB (like our NITES Product) is CNC machined from a latice-based molecular material to achieve consistent size, shape and distribution to and overall accuracy of 2 microns.

This is a new super heavyweight airsoft round for those snipers and purists walking way out past the edge. Take your high end rig to a whole new level. Our early adopters are getting great results with these out to 350 feet with their gas sniper rifles. Airsoft sniping competitions against non-human targets can now come a bit closer to realistic engagement distances.


As they are made of a material that mimics the tiles on the space shuttle, PEARLS are so hard that you can capture them in a home setting and reuse them. The material they are constructed from ranks third in overall hardness (GPa) behind only diamond and boron nitride, so a quick wash and dry, and right back into the chamber they go. Perfect for accurizing your airsoft rifle.

Each bag of PEARLS contains 8 rounds and cost 11.95 CDN. Get yours at BBBastard! (BB Bastard)

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