RWC: VSR G-Spec « Special White »

Décidément très productif en cette rentrée, l’équipe de Redwolf Custom relooke l’un des best-seller Tokyo Marui : le VSR-10 en version G-SPEC. Le bolt reçoit une peinture blanche sur le corps, de l’argent pour le canon et un logo G-Spect sur la crosse. La réplique est vendue avec un bipied et un red dot. Prix de ce VSR Special White : 510€ sur Redwolf.

RWC: VSR G-Spec « Special White »

The Tokyo Marui VSR series of weapons is one of the top premium tier bolt action systems available in all of Airsoft, the G-spec version incorporating a silencer into the weapons overall size. An upgraded spring takes care of power, clocking in at 450 fps like a decent sniper rifle should. Shooting as it does, it competes with all the longest range rifles on the field and with the VSR system it can be tailored further with a vast potential of aftermarket parts for tailoring the weapon further to suit your veteran tastes.

Despite having range and accuracy to make other sniper rifles jealous, the G-specs barrel is actually quite short so you can leave off the silencer for a snub length rifle which still performs with the best of them with the agility of a carbine that is also incredibly light. Instead of wasting your time with a magnified rifle sight, this weapon makes use of a 30mm red dot scope, the cavalry rider Dragoon choice for a rough and ready solution for engaging targets rapidly. Magnified scopes offer ranged spotting but a red dot is more then good enough for actual shooting and allows shooting at moving targets much easier.

Agile, fast, powerful, reliable; most definitely the choice of a force recon style sniper player. Scouting, moving, flanking, precision shooting; the rapid sniper, the quiet terror in any Airsoft game.

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