RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RedWolf Airsoft has taken pains to put a fully installed one in case you don’t want to do the modding yourself… “The Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson submachine gun combined with the ASC M41A KIT gives for one of the most eye catching AEGs available. The Redwolf engineers have worked out how to subject this gun with a weathering process which endows this sci-fi gun with an all too realistic down-to-earth used look giving this gun a gritty edge. After all, colonial marines where hardly the type to use shiny new guns; their veteran status was earned by using them hard. This gun is available in a classic movie olive drab as well as a more modern style tan color scheme to suit the taste of both classicists and modernists.

One of the best features of this gun is the functional digital shot counter that deducts automatically with each round fired. A sensor in the barrel actually detects when a BB goes through and deducts the counter by 1. Shoot full auto and the counter counts down rapidly according to the rate of fire. When it hits zero, it resets back to 99 and starts the countdown again!

To create the realistic movie look, our artists painstakenly hand-weathered the exterior to match the movie gun’s look. Great for display too!

And remember kids, they’re in the ducts!”

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