SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Shell Ejecting Rifle

SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 8mm Shell Ejecting Rifle

We have read about the upcoming SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Gas Operated Sniper Rifle early this year when they presented this at the Shot Show 2010. Things have died down and then after 8 months, they have sent sneak preview photos of the upcoming rifles just last week. Now, another poster about it. What’s my point? This airsoft sniper rifle’s release is more than imminent and speculate that it will be released next month. Originally designed to fire 6mm shell encased BBs, it’s now 8mm with the casing and thus will be latest shell ejecting sniper rifle in the airsoft market.

As for the pricing, we do not know yet. But then it’s something for you to save up for come Christmas.

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