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Dr. Mugen recoil test video

Dr Mugen have sent in their recoil test video:

0.2 BB
FPS 320


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Airsoft International Mag October 2010 Issue

AI Mag October 2010 Issue

Better check with your retailer or WH Smith if they already have the latest Airsoft International Magazine issue on their shelves… “Having spent months in preparation and with only a week to go the Ai500 here in the UK was dealt a blow that no one expected and certainly didn’t anticipate as the land owners pulled the venue from underneath us due to ‘Unforeseen Health and Safety Issues’. But don’t panic, leave that to us! We’re back on track (all be it at a different time and venue). The event had certainly attracted a huge amount of attention from the Airsoft Community, with a steady stream of players registering and a whole pool of Sponsors signing up. We here at Ai believe in doing things bigger and better than anyone else out there and that can be seen in the way that we publish AI, so for us it makes sense to carry that ethos over to whatever we do.

The postponement of the Ai500 at the Harold Wood site is a mere blip to what is shaping up to be one of the biggest airsoft events in the UK. It’s also giving us more time to get more sponsors and goodies for the goodie bag and free raffles to win AEGs, shot guns and Airsoft Accessories. The all new Ai500 has now been moved to First and Only new FIBUA site Anzio Camp on the 6/7th November, yes we’ve lost a few players (we are truly sorry to see you go) but we are now attracting even more new players and believe that it’s still going to be one of the best games the UK has ever seen and we’ve made it cheaper, its now only £70.00 for the weekend game. For more information and a reduced booking fee check out the ai500 web site. The futures bright, the future is Ai.”

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PDI Raven 01+ QPQ Inner Barrel

PDI Raven 01+ QPQ Inner Barrel

The newest inner barrel released by PDI-Japan for your gas blowback pistol that is designed to increase accuracy and durability. For those who into airsoft practical shooting, this is an inner barrel that you might want to consider in your next upgrade. The QPQ is corrosion-resistant, can endure fatigue, and abrasion-resistant that is even better than hard chrome plating. The following airsoft handguns, mainly of the Tokyo Marui brand, are ready to use the inner barrel:

  • HI-CAPA5.1
  • M.E.U.
  • M1911A1
  • GLOCK17
  • GLOCK18C (GBB)
  • SIG SAUER P226

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ITW Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag

ITW Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag 01

The reliable ITW product is available at SKDTac… “The FASTMAG Gen III holds most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. It reduces reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). The system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The tension system is adjustable to meet the users preference for removal force. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to ‘double-stack’ or attach nylon accessory pouches using MALICE Clips, giving even more options for your kit setup.

  • Holds M4 .223 ammo mag
  • Reduces reload cycle time
  • Mount up or down (based on user preference)
  • Mounts to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S. 1in Web system
  • High-impact resistant polymer case w/ anti- fragmentation (reduces secondary shrapnel)
  • Slight twist draws mag out easily for quick reload
  • M-4 mag stays secure without pouch flap, hooks, cover, or lid
  • Retention strap can be removed for reduced friction”

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Bomber MRP GBBr

Petit tour chez G&P qui nous présente une nouvelle réplique dans sa gamme de gaz blowback Bomber – basée pour rappel sur le mécanisme Western Arms – avec ce MRP sous licence LMT. Caractéristiques détaillées et photos dans la suite de l’article.

***Had licence from LMT***
**This product cannot sale to Japan**
**G&P Custom**
Magazine Capacity: 50
Length: 700mm / 790mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS & PA
134A Gas Muzzle Velocity: 285-295fps (0.9J)(0.25bb)(Room Temperature 20 degress)
-MRP Metal Body (Aluminum 6063)(CNC Process)
-WA MRP Steel Outer Barrel
-QD Front Sight
-MK18 DX Rear Sight
-WA M4A1 Spare Magazine (50rds)
-Stubby Raider Foregrip (Black)
-WA M16A2 Grip (Black) (WP44B)
-WA Multi Purpose Buttstock (Black) (WP104B)
-Aluminum Stock Pipe (CNC Process)
-QD Sling Swivel Set
-WA Hammer Set (WP11)
-WA M4 CNC Trigger Guard
-WA Steel Stock Ring (WP26)
-WA M4 Steel Sear (WP33)
-WA M4 Bearing Hammer Pin Set (WP34)
-WA Steel Bolt Stop (WP51)
-WA M4 Type Cocking Handle (CNC Process)
-WA M4 Hammer Lock (WP57)
-WA Steel Magazine Catch (WP65)
-WA Steel Selector (WP69)
-WA Steel Forward Assist (WP76)
-WA M4 Aluminum Buffer (WP81A)
-WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113)
-RAS Slim Rail Cover (Black)

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UFC: Garde-main RAS pour A&K Masada

Bientôt disponible du côté de chez Union Fire Company ce garde-main RAS pour le Masada A&K. Deux couleurs annoncées : noir ou dark earth. Prix ¥10,000 soit environ 88€. Pas de date de sortie indiquée.

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VFC: Flashlight V3X et M18/15

Deux accessoires annoncés en coming soon du côté de Vega Force Company (VFC) : une copie de la lampe V3X de chez VLight, à LED et avec switch 3 positions, ainsi que deux réserves de gaz au look de grenades M18 et M15. Pas d’infos sur les prix.

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Airsoft GI contest winner & new gear

Airsoft GI have chosen the winning video from their recent contest, have some new stock and an upcoming sale:

This video contest was a doozy!  It was on the verge of being cancelled due to a lack of interest and a really high percentage of bogus submissions.  However during the last few weeks a flood of really noteworthy videos were submitted and kept the contest alive.  Here is the winning video and what we like to call ‘Airsoft GI – The Decision’

Are you a Major League Door Kicker?  What about a Major League Sniper?  Are you ready for Z-day?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the aforementioned questions then you need to look at these awesome new shirts that we just got in from MILSPEC MONKEY


Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

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Magpul Releases AFG2

Magpul has updated their AFG (Angled Fore Grip).

afg tfb Magpul Releases AFG2 photo

Solider System has details on the changes.

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Magpul Art of the Dynamic Shotgun

This new video from Magpul Dynamics looks great. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

‘I don’t use a pump to scare somebody. I use a pump to shoot somebody.’

[Hat Tip: Everyday No Day Off]

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