Top Japan Shell Ejecting M4A1 Official Trailer

Top Japan Shell Ejecting M4A1 Trailer

Top Japan release their official trailer of their M4A1 Shell Ejecting M4A1 for your viewing pleasure. This will actually please milsim players and training groups as these is exactly what this product is being aimed at and will give competition to Systema and even Tokyo Marui in terms of realism which many milsim players and trainors would be looking into.

The situation is a hostage rescue mission for this video and is very much close to that SAS Kill House training in which they practice hostage rescues with live ammunition and with real hostages. The video, while lacking in some lighting is more than enough to convince those who are going to give training that this is the product that they will be asking for.

Movie props, milsim use, and airsoft shooting competitions, this is a product that says “This is what you want”.

Surely, it is what I want. I better reserve myself a unit for review asap.

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