CQB Radio MiniCast 19.5

MiniCast 19.5 is here. Here’s what we’ve got for you.
Download it at http://www.cqbradio.libsyn.com or on iTunes.

– Correspondence: Emails from CQB Radio listeners and from retailers and manufacturers
– Reviews: 3 slings – a G&P shotty sling, a Condor 1-to-2 point sling, and an M203 sling
– Update: Looking back at how items we’ve reviewed are holding up
– Garage Sale: CQB Radio items for sale for cheap
– Closing

Download and enjoy.
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Echo 1 has a new LMG (RPK) out.

Javelin’s new M24 is a hot sniper rifle.

This ARES Walther sniper rifle’s pretty unique I’d say.

Airsoft Extreme has these new G&G 416 models.

Mission Spec is having a contest to give away this Condor plate carrier.


First up, the G&P shotty sling

Next, the Condor 1-to-2 point sling.

And lastly, the Matrix M203/M249 sling


Had a chance to use the Classic Army LWRC – good times, nice AEG.

Voodoo Chest Rig (LBV) – very nice.

Duostock – cool, unique, great for shooting prone.

FOakley Gloves – a little points at the finger tips, but they are breaking in.

The WrongGear Warrior mask – easy to use.

That’s all – take care and keep on firin’,

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