RWC Magpul Masada Carbine

RWC Magpul Masada Carbine

You want to get a Magpul Masada ACR but don’t want it to look like the rest? Check this RWC Magpul Masada Carbine at RedWolf Airsoft. Just be prepared to cough up US$585 to look a lil bit different… “The Redwolf technicians have hit the work bench to put his spin on the Masada. Starting with a Magpul PTS Masada, right off the bat it begins with a top notch quality gun at its base. Complete with Magpul ergo stylings, it features flip-up back-up sights, a bolt which locks back and functioning ambidextrous bolt release as well as an ambidextrous magazine release.

A rail set for the ergo polymer handguard adds medium length rails to both side and the bottom, greatly amplifying the accessorizing options of the weapon. He also threw on an AFG because if there was only one gun that this belonged on, it has to be a Magpul Masada.

In true Redwolf twist, the masters added a custom made 10.5 inch outer barrel complete with Madbull Noveske KX3 Adjustable Amplifier Flash Hider (clockwise) which shortens the weapon just that little bit resulting in a flash hider that protrudes right out of the handguard. A little splash of uniqueness to an already pretty special gun without upstaging it either; nicely done guys. this is definitely the AEG assault carbine of choice for the Airsofter with both contemporary and quality taste.

Complete with a Magpul 120 round midcap PMAG, it clocks in at 330 fps making it a choice weapon for shorter ranges. If you want to crank up the juice, by all means talk to us and we shall see what we can do.”

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