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Representatives of Major Firearms and Tactical Gear Companies on the move against Illegal Replicas

Our informant Jason has breaking news from Hong Kong where 5.11 Tactical and Surefire representatives brought customs police and government agents to raid many retailers in Kwong Wa Street, which is recognized as the famous “airsoft district” in Hong Kong.

Few retailers carried illegal replicas of Surefire and 5.11 products, these retailers are facing huge penalties and possible jail time.
We don’t know who is leading the continued raids, but we are guessing this is part of “campaign”, if you will, operated by more than a dozen US based firearm and tactical gear companies.

Jason has also informed us that many of the Hong Kong based online retailers are know facing serious Trademark, Tradedress, and copyright problems.

Some may have noticed that a few of these online retailers have already unlisted all illegal replicas. Other Airsoft manufacturers in Hong Kong may face serious problems being associated with such illegal replicas.

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: December 31, 2010

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CYMA CM.036 AKM upgrade – rear sight

As part of my long term progressive upgrade of my CYMA AKM replica I have just fitted the second replacement part to the AEG. This morning the posty brought me a real steel AKM rear leaf sight…

Above: The ‘new’ real steal AKM leaft sight (front) compared to the CYMA replica sight (back).

The item was bought from the UK online store and cost £17. Compared to the original CYMA replica leaf sight the real thing is slightly longer and has a bare steel finish (apart from the adjustment bar). Being bare steel is was heavily greased and I am guessing there may be a issue with rust if I do not either keep it regularly greased or coat it with a protecting finish of flat black Krylon.

Of course at this rate it may take me the better part of a year to complete this upgrade, but the end result will be worth it and it keeps the cost to a manageable level (a full LCT kit would cost in the region of £300+). Next month I might think of replacing the wood furniture – I have two options, a nice LCT furniture kit or maybe some RS wood!


< Read part one of this upgrade project

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RA Tech custom sniper & carbine KJ KC-02 GBBs

RA-Tech have sent over a video showing their latest custom work:

RA-TECH has done the CUSTOM sniper version and carbine version for KJ WORK KC-02 GBB ,  and both wood stocks made by beech. The EST date is around middle of Jan.


For more details, please check out our video for the review below


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The Duchy of Grand Fenwick Special Operations Brigade

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick Special Operations Brigade is an airsoft team that was originally founded in November of 2009.

The concept is based upon a fictitious unit from a ficticious country. Whilst it pays homage to NATO special operations units, the over-arching national context borrows from the books “The Mouse That Roared” and “The Prisoner of Zenda“.  

By combining modern camouflage uniforms, individual equipment and authentic modern tactics and procedures within a ficticious (and humorous) setting, we aimed to create a team environment that would be both more relaxed and fun as well as different and unique.

The idea struck an immediate chord among a number of the “old hands” who were all getting a bit bored with the endless British and American SF impressions in the airsoft scene.  The attraction of the Fenwick setting was that it enabled us to break the mould and be a bit more creative with our approach and load-outs, and also to be affect a more central European look as well.  Most of the current members are also ex-military – so team members find it quite easy to slot in to a certain way of working, and share a certain warped, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour as well.

The overall purpose of the Special Operations Brigade (DGFSOB) is to provide the Duchy of Grand Fenwick with a highly-trained, flexible and rapidly-deployable unit capable of being projected over greater distances than conventional defence forces. The brigade is fully trained for insertion by land, by air or by maritime assets (by both overt and covert methods) and is fully trained and equipped to conduct operations from the moment of “boots on the ground”.

In particular, the unit is capable of performing the following roles and missions –

  • tactical reconnaissance and observation
  • intelligence and counter-intelligence operations
  • strikes, raids, search-and-destroy missions
  • interdiction and disruption operations
  • dynamic recovery operations
  • search-and-rescue missions
  • stabilisation and evacuation missions
  • personal protection operations


The Duchy of Grand Fenwick has had a long history of close relations with Great Britian, Germany and the United States – which has required some very deft diplomacy at times, such as when Great Britain and the United States were at war with each other, or when Great Britain and the United States were at war with Germany, and especially when Grand Fenwick was (technically) at war with the United States!

This diplomatic and military ménage à trois is perhaps most clearly seen in the rank structure of the Duchy’s armed forces.  Overall it is similar to the American system, which should be no surprise as the American Continental Army’s rank structure was designed by a nephew of the 3rd Duke during the American War for Independence.  The Fenwick rank structure was later slightly modified to be more “British” and in order to be different from the Americans.

The thrifty Fenwickians use German Bundeswehr rank insignia becuase they are easy to buy on the commercial market, and matches their other insignia and uniforms – which also tend to be German in origin.  Such as the beret badge for the Special Operations Brigade – which is actually a Bundeswehr Leistungsabzeichen, worn on a Finnish Army OD Green beret.

However, when it comes to unit and individual qualification insignia the Fenwickians have developed their own – including the famous winged, fighting mouse insignia of the Special Operations Brigade.

As for uniforms, in 1995 the Duchy adopted a licensed version of German Flecktarn called FLECKPAT as their standard camouflage pattern for uniforms. 

In the years since, the Fenwickians have developed, and adopted a “transitional seasons” version called FLECKPAT-W (“w” for winter).  This pattern has been copied by the Chinese and used  by their forces as the Type 03 Plateau camouflage – it is also known as Sinotarn or Tibet-tarn.

A ”snow” version of FLECKPAT has also been developed recently, and was commercially licensed to the German company TacGear. The style of combat uniform used by the Special Operations Brigade bears a close resemblance to the German KSK pattern – although the question of who’s came first is still a matter of barrack-room debate.

The most recent addition to the FLECKPAT family is an arid version for use on overseas deployments with international force.  This new pattern variation also comes with a new uniform design which resembles the American ACU style.

In late 2010 the Ministry of Defence of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick announced that they have developed a new, advanced digital camouflage pattern called FENPAT that will be adopted as the standard pattern for the Special Operations Brigade in 2011/2012.  The new pattern will also be available in “arid” and “snow” versions as well as the “woodland” version shown below.  FENPAT camouflage is also being sold commercially by Hyde Definition Ltd. as “PenCott”.


The Duchy of Grand Fenwick has used a variety of small arms since WWII – beginning with the G3 (FG3) as its first selective-fire battle rifle.

In 2002, at the time of discussions about the formation of the Special Operations Brigade, the US Army sent a consignment of M4 carbines (FM4) and M16 marksman rifles (FM16) as military aid.  However, the M4s and M16s have not been popular with the independently-minded Fenwickians, and they have instead now universally adopted the proven, rugged and reliable HK G36 series (known locally as the FG36 series) as their 3rd generation small arms family.

In terms of section support weapons, the Fenwickians have again “played the field” and selected what they consider to be the best – although their FMG3M machine guns are beginning to get a bit long in the tooth…

For Personal Defence Weapons the Fenwickians have opted for the modern and compact B&T MP9 (known as the FS9PW locally) and the H&K P8 (known as the FP8PW locally).

When it comes to Individual Equipment, the Duchy’s Ministry of Defence decided that it would be too expensive and cumbersome to issue every soldier with a complete set of webgear in camouflage to match each of the uniform patterns.  So, each soldier is issued with a set of webgear in OD Green only (members of the Special Operations Brigade also get issued a set in Desert Brown (what the Americans borrowed and call Coyote Brown).

Other personal equipment:

Members and Operations

At the present time, the exact number of soldiers in the Special Operations Brigade is a closely guarded secret.  However, from the photos that have been released of the SOB on operations and in training, they appear to operate in 4 or 5 man teams at a basic unit level.  Details of their recruitment and selection process have also not been publicly released.


The Duchy of Grand Fenwick

Special Operations Brigade

the fighting mice!


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MadBull : Tubes de crosse ACE & PWS

Deux messages de la part du département marketing de MadBull nous signalent la sortie prochaine de quelques accessoires sous licence ACE LTD et Primary Weapon Systems. Au menu des tubes de crosses avec logement pour batterie lipo et des stock base inspirés des modèles de chacune des deux firmes. Détails dans la suite.

Madbull ACE and PWS Riffle Tubes

Madbull Airsoft has two new riffle tubes from ACE Stock and PWS.
The ACE M4-7 Extension Tube and the PWS Enhanced Mil-Spec Buffer Tube.

Mad Bull Licensed ACE Buffer Tube model M4-7 is fully licensed by ACE LTD. USA and the Mad Bull Licensed PWS (Primary Weapon Systems) buffer tube is fully licensed by Primary Weapon Systems.

These incredible new designs allows for easy storage for your lipoly battery. No longer do you need to use a battery box, battery pouch, or any other style external battery option.

Both of these products feature completely new designs that takes in the essence of the previous designs and takes it to the next level with several new features. The end cap no longer needs a small screw to be removed, which can waste crucial playing time. The cap now simply just twists off for quick access to your battery!

Both the M4-7 tube and PWS Buffer Tube include fully licensed trademarks, stock position markings, and quick-detach sling adapter (swivel not included). Made in Taiwan with much higher quality materials than the cheaper China « Hong Kong » made buffer tubes. Made of tough T6 aluminum and only weighs 3 ounces that’s half as much as other brands!

Both fit any buffer tube lipos and fits best with the Mad Bull Lipo and SOCOM Gear Lipo type.

*Remember that the back of the lower receiver must be cut to 25mm for installation of any lipo tube and crane stock setup. Lipo and sling swivel not included.

Madbull ACE and PWS Tactical Stock Base!

Madbull is out with two new products, the ACE Tactical Stock Base and the PWS Tactical Stock Base!

The Mad Bull Licensed ACE Buffer Tube quick-detach sling adapter model ACE-SB is fully licensed by ACE LTD. USA.
Incorporated with quick-detach swivels, our ACE sling adapter has two quick-detach sling mounts, one left and one right. It is easy to install and easy to manipulate.

The Mad Bull Licensed PWS buffer tube quick-detach sling adapter is fully licensed by Primary Weapon Systems. The adapter features PWS licensed logos and trademarks.
Incorporated with quick-detach swivels, the PWS sling adapter has three quick-detach sling mounts, one on the left, one on the right, and one on the bottom. It is also easy to install and to manipulate.

Both are made in Taiwan from high quality T6 6061 aluminum that only weighs 1 ounce!

Fits most buffer tubes and accepts most universal sling swivels.

*Sling swivels not included.

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Prima USA: KJWUSA KC-02 coming soon

imagePrima USA have sent over details of the KJW KC 02 which will be released in the US in February 2011:



KJW 10/22 Tactical Gas Blowback Carbine Rifle

Caliber: 6mm
Propellant: Gas powered
Action: Blowback/Semi Auto
Weight: 2785 g
Capacity: 22 Rounds
Velocity: 400+ FPS

New Tanio-Koba designed 10/22 style KC-02, we have given the original 10/22 a much more modern tactical spin with tactical rail and AR15 style stock.Manufactured from the original Tanio Koba precision molds, this 10/22 delivers the same legendary performance that early enthusiasts will remember. Now back with equally high upgrade potential as the original!

Stay tuned for more information…


Happy New Year from KJW USA & Prima USA! Michael T. (Prima USA)

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New Photo of the Robinson Arms XCR AEG

SOCOM Gear Robinson Arms XCR Proto People Airsoft

People Airsoft provides more photos of the upcoming Robinson Arms XCR AEG and this time it’s now a pre-production copy, and also means it’s nearing releasing. We expect a fully assembled and functioning unit to be displayed by the Show Show 2011. Something for those who want an ACR variant but would like to differentiate themselves from the existing Magpul ACR users.

"My sources have come through and provided pictures a more complete model, with an actual gearbox!  Unfortunately my sources has taken the utmost concern for safety and has further declined to  mention manufacturer or any other information but did promise more images to come soon."

Read more and another photo of the XCR here.”

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King Arms – Oberland Arms OA-15 M7 & M8

King Arms nous fait part de deux nouveautés qui seront disponibles dans les prochaines semaines chez les revendeurs asiatiques habituels : des répliques des OA-15 M7 et M8 de la firme allemande Oberland Arms – sous licence officielle, une fois n’est pas coutume. Pas d’informations sur le prix, mais retrouvez dans la suite quelques clichés et les caractéristiques des deux déclinaisons.

King Arms – Oberland Arms OA-15 M7 (KA-AG-72) OA-15 M8 (KA-AG-73)
Longueur 65 – 73 cm 69 – 77 cm
Poids 2.80 kg 2.89 kg
Canon 20 cm 25.4 cm
Matériaux Aluminium, fibre de nylon
Batterie recommandée 1600 mAh – Type crosse crane
Vélocité 320-340 fps 330-350 fps
Capacité 300 billes

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Western Arms Beretta M84FS HW

On arrête plus Western Arms en cette fin d’année ! Pour changer des 1911, la marque nous dévoile en effet cette édition heavy weight du Beretta M84FS – fournie qui plus est avec son silencieux ! Prix conseillé ¥29,452 soit environ 272€ en Asie.

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