Inokatsu Colt M1911 MKIV ’70 CO2 – Nouvelles photos

Inokatsu n’est pas peu fier de nous présenter de nouvelles photos du prototype de son Colt M1911 MKIV ’70, dont la sortie est prévue dans le premier trimestre 2011 – pour le 100ème anniversaire du célèbre 1911. Cette réplique intégralement en métal est présentée comme une pièce de collection, dont le mécanisme inspiré par celui de Tokyo Marui offrirait des performances à la hauteur de la réputation d’Inokatsu – et avec un kick annoncé comme 4 fois supérieur aux autres répliques présentes sur le marché.

Manufactured under license from Colt, the Inokatsu 1911 / Series 70 is made from high grade steel inside and out, creating the most realistic Airsoft 1911 ever. Dont’ worry about the imperfections seen in this close-up since ths is only a pre-production working model. The final version will be polished and with perfect lines. « It will be more beautiful than the real gun », says Inokatsu CEO Domanic Lu.

With the Colt 1911 added to it’s lineup, Inokatsu has secured its position as the leader in collector grade Airsoft. This is as real as it gets.

Estimated Release: First Quarter of 2011 in time for Colt 1911′s 100th anniversary

Highly detailed lines make this a collector’s piece. But let’s not remember this gun recoils at least 4 times harder than any other Airsoft on the market. Not only does it look good, but it has performance too! Again, don’t worry about the surface imperfections – the final version will be brilliantly polished!

Even the inside of the gun is made from steel to withstand the stunning recoil this gun will deliver

On the finished model, there will be contrasting surface textures to create more artistic appeal. « We are striving to create not only an Airsoft gun, but a refined piece of art that will appeal to high end collectors – those who are happy both to feel it’s massive recoil as well as to display it in their bookshelves in a glass case under a spotlight », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu

« We are serious in following Colt’s specifications to the letter. The Blue Steel Version and the WW2 version will have different components as well as wood grips. The Colt grip medallions are highly detailed – we use coin technology to make them. We are not cutting any corners to make the most perfect 1911 / Series 70. », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu

« Creating an all steel frame using real gun manfuacturing processes for an Airsoft gun is actually extremely difficult. The walls are much thinner, which means that we require advanced technologies to keep everything straight. It’s actually much easier to make the real gun than it is to create what you see here! », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu

« We have been inspired by the Marui system since it offers the most stable performance in the Airsoft market. There is also an abundance of parts for the Marui 1911, although we see no reason for anyone to want to put a plastic or aluminum upgrade part in this gun. Every component in this gun will be stronger and higher end than any so called after-market performance part available today given Inokatsu’s will be made from steel. », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu

« One CO2 cartridge will get you about 20-30 rounds. The concept of this gun is not about gas economy. It’s made for people who won’t be counting their [pennies] to enjoy the most realistic shooting experience ever from an Airsoft gun. This gun is not for everyone. It’s for the select few who truly appreciate beauty », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu. We couldn’t agree more. Ferrari owners rarely wine about the fuel economy of their cars.

« Making all these tiny little parts from steel is very very challenging », says Domanic Lu, CEO of Inokatsu

Making history 100 years ago, Colt is making history again in 2011 with the Inokatsu-manufactured Airsoft 1911. Destined to change the airsoft GBB market as we know it.

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