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First ever Airsoft Player’s Choice awards

The Players have Spoken! Airsoft GI is very honored to have won two categories in the first ever Player’s Choice Awards, hosted by Popular Airsoft. We have been voted Best Airsoft Retailer for North America and won the award for Best Airsoft Video posted Online. Thank you all who voted, we wouldn’t be here with out …you!

To check out all of the awards, simply click on this picture.

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KJW .22 Tactical Carbine

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Dr Airsoft interview with Jackie Pong of Classic Army

Dr Airsoft have exclusively interviewed Jackie Pong of Classic army:

Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine had and exclusive interview arranged by Spartan Imports with Jackie Pong of Classic Army.  He talked about new licensing for Knights Arament and Krebs Customs AEG’s and their plans for an M4 gas blowback rifle in the future.

(Dr Airsoft)

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Dr. Airsoft Interviews CA's Jackie Pong

Dr. Airsoft - Jackie Pong Classic Army

This is a rare one that’s made by any airsoft news and reviews website as Dr. Airsoft has taken time to interview and translate the answers of Jackie Pong, the CEO of Classic Army. We could’ve wished for some subtext below (already done), but heck, we might be asking too much for such a great effort made by  the Airsoft Medicine team to gives us this video interview.

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Pyramyd Airsoft Blog Shot Show 2011 Report

ICS Olympic Arms AEGs Shot Show 2011

Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, the winner of the English Language Blog for the 1st Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, gives us a comprehensive report loaded with photos of the Shot show 2011. They got a good presentation of the TSD sniper rifles, and TSD/WE airsoft blowback pistols. Also in their report are some nice looking ICS-Olympic Arms AEGs, and they gives us a closer look of the newest camo pattern on the block — the A-TACS.

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People Airsoft with John Paul of JP Enterprises

People Airsoft John Paul JP Enterprises

People Airsoft is not done yet with all their video interviews and they provide us with another one with John Paul of JP Enterprises, which of course for airsoft players using the licenced products from MadBull Airsoft, should be familiar with… “Another exclusive from SHOT Show 2011, this time around with Mr. John Paul from JP Enterprises.

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New TSD Sniper reviews

Here are 2 reviews of new sniper rifles from TSD. Thanks to Airsoft Station for helping us out on this.

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WE L85 Gas Blowback Rifle

A sign of many good things to come for gas blowback enthusiasts, WE is making a gas blowback version of the L85.  This model is much sought after by people living in Queen’s country but the cold weather in Europe means that GBBs generally don’t perform all that well year round (except for those rare hot sunny days).  But it’s a good sign nonetheless that manufacturers are not stopping their innovation!

God Save The Queen!

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"Canada-Legal" Airsoft coming?

A reliable source, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, just broke this news about Canadian Airsoft laws to the Grey Ops team:

“Airsoft in Canada may soon get a boost with the recent pick up of “Canada Legal” guns coming into the country. Seems that full metal AEG’s and GBB’s are being shipped with paperwork claiming they fire bewteen 430 and 500 fps. This sits them into the legal grey area occupied by .68 paintball markers and would pass inspection by the CBSA, full metal bodies and all. Now, what the paperwork says and what they’ll actually test at is to be seen, as some seem to still have hang tags on them saying they fire at 380 fps, and would therefore be illegal replicas.

“Secondly, not sure how most airsoft players out there would want to be hit by bb’s at 480 fps, so internal mods may have to be done once they’re acquired in order to make them safe to play with, but this may put an end to “clearsoft” in Canada and give us some decent made, decent looking airsoft guns at reasonable prices.

“In theory, this practice could also be used for .43 paintball markers such as RAP pistols, but the marker would have to have a normal operating range of 430 to 500 fps, which is way beyond what’s safe in paintball today. Several rumors are floating around at the federal level that there will be “Canada legal” .43 markers, but nothing seems to be on paper yet, so don’t get your hopes up.”

Will we Canadians soon be able to buy Airsoft guns and .43cal markers with the same ease as buying a Tippmann 98? Will we be able to import Airsoft guns from Asia legally? This is definitely some interesting news. Stay tuned to Grey Ops for more news as it develops!

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GHK AKM GBBr – Photos et vidéos

Nightstalker de GHK nous offre un nouvel aperçu du AKM Gaz Blowback annoncé pour cette année ! Retrouvez dans la suite quelques photos permettant d’apprécier la qualité de finition, ainsi que deux vidéos présentant le tir et le démontage de la réplique. Plus d’informations prochainement.

GHK AKM : Test de tir

GHK AKM : Démontage

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