MadBull Airsoft : Silencieux « Surefire »

MadBull Airsoft nous annonce en coming soon une série de répliques de silencieux sous licence « Surefire » en aluminium CNC. 5 modèles devraient être disponibles d’ici quelques jours. Pas plus d’infos pour l’instant.

Dear Airsoft players,

Our CNC machine is running day and night in order to come out more new licensed products. We still have around 40 items on the waiting line!

Now, the Surefire licensed Airsoft suppressor will be released in a few days!
5 different surefire models will satisfy all different missions and different Airsoft guns!
Our state of art engineering process will bring you the highest quality replica with full license from the original designer.

Our USA version dummy model is using our unique light-structure design which will bring you the lightest weight barrel extension and the design is approved by US government. You no longer need to use the solid and heavy barrel extension for your Airsoft gun!

Enjoy our coming products and thanks for your support!

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