CQB Radio: Episode 23 – Shot Show and More

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CQB Radio: Episode 23 – Shot Show and More
– Introduction and Welcome
– Word On The Street: Airsoft ops in New England
– Assessment: Echo 1 M28, TSD SD97 and 98, WE PDW, and G&G GR16 with blowback
– Tricks of the Trade: Booligan’s report from Shot Show 2011
– Loadout: Condor plate carrier and lipo batteries
– Retailer Review: LA Police Gear
– Just In: Latest Airsoft items on the market
– Closing

Thanks for your vote – CQB Radio won “Best Airsoft Podcast” from Popular Airsoft.

Congrats to Travis Skillin – he's been picked to win the H&K G36C from Ares. Travis, you've got 72 hours to get in touch with me to claim your prizes.


Check out GMSOG for their season passes (http://www.gmsog.net/)

At RPC, check out The Battle of Stalingrad (http://www.rpcairsoft.com/).

The Ultimate Battleground in Mass. has ops coming up (http://www.theultimatebattleground.webs.com/)

The Citadel (http://www.citadelairsoft/) has CQB training coming up soon.


First up is the Echo 1 M28 Counter Sniper rifle from Pyramyd Air. Amazing deal – click on the link to check out more info on this amazing airsoft gun: http://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Echo_1_M28_Airsoft_Sniper_Rifle/2374?utm_source=CQB&utm_medium=Site&utm_campaign=M28

Here you can see the nice fluted outer barrel.

And the VERY nice Harris-style bipod that’s included with the rifle.

Your bolt, chamber, and rail for optics.

And your stock – adjustable and, just like the rest of the gun, made with a super solid polymer. This is my FAVORITE sniper rifle that I’ve ever reviewed.

Second up was the TSD SD97 from Airsoft Station.

Here’s the box.

Info on the TSD box.

Here’s the gun before it’s all put together.

The SD97 put all together.

Rails included.

The crazy cool stock.

JBU scope from TSD – nice deal.


Airsoft station carries all kinds of BBS – TSD .23-.28s and even K
ing Arms .43s

Next the TSD SD98 from Airsoft Station.

Here’s what the box tells you about the SD98.

What you get.

The nice JBU 3-9×40 scope.

Here she is.

LE stock.

Rails for optics.

Bolt and safety.

This guys ready to take a bipod.

A nice sniper rilfe from TSD.

Next up, the WE PDW. Click on this link for more info:

Ready to be unboxed.

Here is the WE PDW – ready to go.

The PDW mag – very cool, very unique.

The PDW comes with flip-up sights.

Dimpled outer barrel and a Knight Arm.-style flash hider.

Comfortable pistol grip.

The PDW with stock folded.

Last up in Assessment was the G&G GR16 with blowback – here's the link:

A description of the blowback system.

What you get with the gun.

Nice BBs from G&G included.

Here's the G&G GR16.

G&G logo.

The interesting flash hider.

Nice, solid seal on the pistol grip.


We talked in TOTT with Booligan from Airsoft Retreat about his experience at Shot Show 2011.


The Condor Plate carrier from Airsplat – a great piece of gear (www.airsplat.com).

The back of the plate carrier.

Drag handle.

Inside the back – padded for comfort and air flow.

And it’s adjustable.

Then we talked about lipo batteries from Airsoft Fix (www.airsoftfix.com)


In our review here we talked about LAPolicegear.com


Eric told us about a lot of new items during Just In.

The Echo 1 M240B is now available.

Airsoft Extreme (www.airsoftextreme.com) has too many new items to list – check out their site.

Evike has new BDUs available.

And that’s all.

Keep on firin’,

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