The Echo1 M240 Bravo: so good, it’s embarrassing

The eagle eyed amongst you will noticed that it’s not Friday but I can assure you that it was still Friday when Tom of Pyramyd Airsoft Blog fame submitted his latest news: 

Hi News Fairy, Happy Friday to you.  As promised in my previous instalment of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, I have added a few words along with some photos (ha!) chronicling my time spent introducing my opponents to the Echo1 M240 Bravo (which is now available for sale at during last Saturday’s Airsoft game at Hill559 in Fresno, CA.  It would be an understatement to say that I had a metric ton of M240 fun (hey, that rhymed) last weekend.  I had so much fun, that when I accidentally stepped in cow poop, I didn’t care as much (it still sucked), but would have been way more upsetting if it wasn’t for the fun I was having.  Anyone interested in seeing some great action shots, reading a lot of words about Airsoft or BOTH, can click the following link: Taking the Echo1 M240 Bravo for a spin at Hill559 last weekend

A very special thanks goes to Dave Bakholdin, of Kremlin Photography for taking some fantastic shots of me looking “tactical hot” with my 240 Bravo. 

Thanks, Tom (Pyramyd Airsoft Blog)

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