S-Thunder interview, grenade & land mine reviews & news

imageS-Thunder have sent in a collection of links and videos containing news and reviews of their grenades and land mines as well as a video interview from AATV:

S-Thunder has new video interview & video reviews of its milsim gear including,

– M203 style 40mm grenade shells (short and long barrel)
– foam ball grenade shells
– military training land mines

Gregor, Wolfgang & Richard of AATV (www.aatv.at) of Austria did an interview with S-Thunder at the recent IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany here,

Jarek of RedDragon Airsoft (www.reddragonairsoft.net) did a full series of video reviews & tests of S-Thunder’s milsim gear here,

– M203 style 40mm Grenade Shells & Grenade Launchers

– 40mm Foam Ball Grenade Shell – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_UM1feSuY0&

– Full review of the S-Thunder series of Military Training Land Mines – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv8_SPv5WdI

Jarek in his review says "WOW!  That’s REALLY REALLY LOUD, it had a lot of recoil… S-Thunder indeed has the LOUDEST GRENADES IN THE MARKET… & they handle CO2 better than my Mad Bull Grenades…"

Aderonn of Aderonn Airsoft (aderonnairsoft.net)

– Water Spraying Military Training Land Mine

Social Paintball (www.socialpaintball.com),

– Step & Release Military Training Land Mine

Shootzone (www.shootzone.com) of France review,

– Water Spraying Military Training Land Mine

S-Thunder’s Director of Business Development, Yu-Hon Li commented that "…S-Thunder’s military simulation gear for paintball players and airsoft players have been in the market for a little over one year now and we are very pleased with market’s reception of our products.  At IWA in Nuremberg, we had a very successful show and we will soon announce many more distributors of our products worldwide in addition to the 25+ distributors / wholesalers we work with worldwide…".

Regarding the growth of S-Thunder, Yu-Hon Li makes special note that professional users of S-Thunder’s products are growing as well…"…though one of our main business focuses has been to offer a range of milsim gear for recreational airsoft and paintball players, we had a lot of visitors to our exhibit at the IWA Show who are involved in tactical training, law enforcement and the military.  Of special interest to them were our reusable land mines as the found our products to be durable, yet affordable for infantry training and land mine removal training.  Currently, S-Thunder’s land mines being evaluated by the military in Europe and South America and we look forward to growing this part of the market as well as our hope is that our products will be able to help train military personnel and help personnel avoid injury in battlefields around the world.  Our powerful grenade shells are also being considered for use for riot control needs and many found that our paintball markers were very good replica of the firearms they currently use and would be a good device to train with as well."

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder Limited)

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