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Kobayashi Torque-Up Motor for TM AEGs

Kobayashi Torque-Up motor for TM SOPMOD/Recce/SOCOM/SCAR-L

Slowly, upgrade parts for the Tokyo Marui New Generation AEGs are cropping up. Echigoya have their custom hi-torque motor made for the TM SCAR-L, SOPMOD, RECCE, and SOCOM AEGs with shoot and recoil engine. This gives 77% power as compared to the TM EG1000 which is the standard motor in these AEGs. You can purchase this for US$75.00.


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MADBULL VIDEO: Daniel Defense Outer Barrel Comparison

Today we made a video at Madbull comparing our Daniel Defense outer barrel licensed for Airsoft with the real thing.
The matte black finish is identical to it’s real counterpart and along with the deep authentic engravings makes this barrel visually identical to the real thing.

Real Daniel Defense barrels are cold hammer forged barrels and designed to take anything you throw at it with unparalleled accuracy and durability.
The MadBull airsoft version is a faithful and beautiful replica.

Complete any AEG build with this barrel, long range, CQB, ideal for virtually any build. Complete it with a gas block, fixed sight, and gas tube for the utmost realism.
Simply put for the price you absolutely can not get the realism and quality.

Licensed by Daniel Defense
CNC machined aluminum makes this barrel extremely lightweight
Only true 1:1 scale in comparison with a real Daniel Defense barrel
Authentic Daniel Defense deep engraving markings
Authentic matte finish
Ideal for any M4 or M16 type build
Compatible with virtually any gas block and sight + gas tube combo
Negative 14mm barrel threads compatible with any barrel extension or style flash hider

*Note the MadBull outer barrels are only compatible with Airsoft guns and in no way are able to mount or use on a real gun. Our barrels are also impossible to convert to function on a real firearm.

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Inokatsu Colt 1911 – Vietnam 1964

Aperçu sur le site d’Inokatsu cette affiche présentant un Colt 1911 avec la mention « Vietnam 1964″. Il s’agit donc probablement d’un teaser annonçant une autre édition de la nouvelle gamme de 1911 Inokatsu attendu pour cette année. A noter que l’on y aperçoit également un holster qui correspond également à la période de la Guerre du Vietnam, mais nous ne savons pas si il sera commercialisé. Pas plus d’infos pour le moment !

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Airsoft Inside n°6 – Mai 2011

Signalons la sortie du sixième numéro du magazine électronique gratuit et sans publicité « Airsoft Inside ». Au sommaire de ce mois de Mai, une découverte de l’airsoft en Corée, un article sur le multiland et toutes les rubriques habituelles ainsi que quelques nouveautés ! Lien de téléchargement : Airsoft Inside n°6 – Mai 2011 ( PDF – 40 Mo ).

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RAP4 tactical slings

RAP4 have sent over details of their tactical slings:


RAP4 is proud to introduce three tactical slings that are ready to serve in the thick of the action. The RAP4 Tactical Sling is a three-point sling that functions like a harness to strap your full-size marker to your body, leaving your hands free while keeping it at the ready. The RAP4 2-Point Sling attaches to the front and rear of your T68 via the sling attachment points, or to any other marker via the included universal adapters. The RAP4 1-Point Sling attaches to the stock of your T68 or the tank of your tactical marker, giving you a dramatic, simple, and un-encumbering method of carry.

Together, these tactical slings represent the three styles most commonly found in real world use…and offer paintball players and tactical gamers a full range of carry options.

The RAP4 Tactical Sling uses a three-point design comprised of two on-marker attachment points that can attach to any full-size paintball marker of any manufacture, and a high-strength nylon/polymer web strap that secures to your body for the third point of contact. This dynamic strap brings current battlefield technology to your tactical gaming, as it is the preferred hands-free method of carbine carry by US military forces, private security forces, and many police tactical units. By hanging the marker along the strong side of your body, the stock ready to pivot straight into your shoulder pocket to bring the marker to bear immediately, the RAP4 Tactical Sling keeps you ready to return fire in a heartbeat…no matter what other tasks you are performing.

The RAP4 2-Point Sling is the traditional carry strap used for decades. It attaches to the front and rear sling attachment points on your T68, or attaches to the barrel and ASA of your standard paintball marker via the included universal adapters. Drape the sling across your body, and you can carry your marker across your back, across your chest, vertical behind a shoulder, or slung horizontally under your arm. Less sophisticated than the RAP4 Tactical Sling, it balances function with simplicity.

The RAP4 1-Point Sling is the minimalist approach to carrying your marker, keeping it at the ready by virtue of a truly clever design. A single loop of high-strength nylon/polymer webbing drapes across your chest and under your arm, with a single attachment point that affixes to the stock of your T68 or cinches around the ASA of your standard marker. This lets you dangle your marker muzzle-down by your side, with the stock ready to pivot up into your shoulder pocket to bring the muzzle to bear in a flash. While it puts the marker’s weight on your opposite shoulder, rather than spreading it across your body like the RAP4 Tactical Sling, it provides the same quick-to-bear function for shorter missions and lighter markers.

The RAP4 Tactical Bungee Sling is a single-point design that consists of a stretchable rubber "bungee" body that attaches to the stock or tank of your marker. Carried the same as the RAP4 1-Point Sling, its main benefit is the elastic body that allows your marker to be easily transitioned from one side to the other, thrust away from the body, and deployed in awkward or non-intuitive shooting positions.

Analyze your playing style, the length of your missions and your personal preferences, and find the tactical sling that’s right for you. From the state-of-the-art RAP4 Tactical Sling to the classic RAP4 2-Point Sling and the minimalist RAP4 1-Point Sling and RAP4 Tactical Bungee Sling, Read Action paintball is proud to give you practical solutions straight from real-world innovation.


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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 15, 2011

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Krylon (The Poor Man's Duracoat) – Camo Week

Mike and myself have mentioned Krylon a few times on Grey Ops, but we've never dedicated any length of time to talking about it. Well it's high time to rectify that, because for paintballers, airsofters and hunters, it's an excellent alternative to costly means of camouflaging your marker/gun.

What is it?

If people are looking to camouflage something, when they say "Krylon" they're normally talking about Krylon's "Fusion" line-up. Specifically, they're often talking about  Krylon's "Camouflage Fusion" paint, which offers several popular matte finish muted colours such as Olive, Khaki and Black (there are in fact now 6 kinds of Camouflage Fusion, but I have yet to see a full compliment in any one store).
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