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China-made Full Metal PPK/S

Those who are dreaming of an airsoft PPK/S from Maruzen but could not justify the price, you can settle for an ACM version of this. It is available at Airsoft Panda for US$64 and it is based on the Maruzen version. It has a a metal slide, lower frame and outer barrel. Realistic looking markings, adjustable hop-up and very much compatible with the Maruzen PPK/S parts… so they say.

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Another breath of fresh air from the usual M4-based blowback airsoft guns. This US$115.99 ACM MP5J at perhaps takes from where the Well MP5K GBB SMG left. This has metal parts, with the plastic parts being the handguard and lower frame. Depending on the weather, this can come out firing at 375fps out of the box. We wonder if the gas magazines from Well fit this and if they do, come the usual problems. No three-round burst option in the switch is found.

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KSC System 7 Compatible ACM M9 Airsoft Handgun

Those who love the new KSC System 7 but would like to save on costs can consider this Chinese-made M9 Airsoft Handgun from Airsoft Panda. It has metal externals and compatible with KSC System 7 M9 parts, which means also the magazines from KSC can fit. It comes with a plastic hard-case and costs US$68.50, shipping cost not included. Go check it out if interested.

  • Manufacturer: China made
  • KSC System 7
  • Metal slide, lower frame & outer barrel
  • Realistic markings on the slide and body of the pistol
  • Come with a plastic hard-case
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Compatible with KSC System 7 M9 Parts

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