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EMA extended magazine release for AKs and Galils

Tacticalizing (if that’s a real word) your AK is a bit of an emotive subject. AK purists would say it’s heresy to make any decadent modifications to Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov’s classic design!

However, and forgive me for saying this, the basic AK design is not perfect! (Gasp!)

If you ever wondered why tactical AKs exist at all it is because while everyone recognizes the fundamental genius of Kalashnikov’s design concept some of the AK’s features are less than ergonomic or practical.

The AK’s small magazine release isn’t quite as efficient as it could be – though, again, AK purists would strenuously argue otherwise. Never the less, when SOCOM investigated the adoption of an AK for use by US Special Forces an extended magazine release lever was added to the classic design to make the process of dropping mags a little faster and efficient.

In the airsoft world there are several of these tactical AK magazine releases for sale by third-party accessory manufactures – most notably Element and King Arms – but these amount to the standard AK trigger guard and release button assemble with a welded on extension ‘arm’…

Left: One of four styles of AK tactical magazine release assemblies made by King Arms.

The down side of this particular type of modified component is that it demands the removal of the whole tigger guard assemble in order to fit it. What with the varying dimensional differences between makes of airsoft replicas there is a chance that these trigger guard replacements might not actually fit your particular brand of AK AEG.

So, the EMA solution gets round this nicely as it simply slides over the current mag release with no gun smthing required. You just tighten a small grub screw to attach it to your existing release lever.

Above: The EMA AK & Galil extended magazine release accessory. This is made in Isreal and is a RS product designed to fit either Kalashnikovs or the Israeli version of the AK, the Galil.

At the end of the day this sort of accessory has to be balanced against the sort of look you are going for, it is most defiantly not for the standard Soviet/Russian AK loadout. But if you like your AK all tricked out then this is an additional piece of bling that is easy to install and does make mag changing a smidgen easier.

Milgeek rating:

Product: EMA AK / Galil magazine release extention
Supplier: TSI Armouries (USA)
Cost: $14.99 plus shipping (they do ship to the UK)

My review video…

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