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Viva Arms ZB-26 Coming Soon

Viva Arms ZB-26

I guess the Czech airsoft companies got a new competition on the ZB-26 as Viva Arms is coming out with one. Airsoft Panda has posted a photo of the light machine gun and they’re saying that this will be available at their online store on the 13th of January, which will be tomorrow. We wish there were more photos and pricing announced. Checking the Viva Arms website, they do not have this product in their news area yet.

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Zeta-Lab Mosin Nagant Rifle Released

Zeta-Lab Mossin Nagant Rifle

Airsoft Panda sent in news recently that they have now in stock the Zeta-Lab Mosin Nagant Rifle which had a good run of teasing our readers in the past months. We wanted to check more details of this rifle at their website but we were not able to as you need to login, which also goes for the rest of their products.

The rifle is made of real wood, steel and also comes with a bayonet, helping the reenactor have a complete rifle without looking elsewhere to get that “authentic look”. If interested in getting one, just contact Airsoft Panda to enquire about this rifle.

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CM Easy Power 9mm Version 2 Gearbox

CM Easy Power Upgrade System 9mm Complete Version 2 GearBox

Want to have your version 2 gearbox powered airsoft gun to go to the next level but on a budget? You can try this 9mm complete gearbox which is available at Airsoft Panda for US$50.00. This reinforced gearbox 2x 9mm ball bearings and 4x metal bushings and is an easy powered Upgrade System. Made in China, so if you get one and have tried it out on the field, we would be happy to hear a report from you with regards to performance and reliability.

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Zeta-Lab Full Steel M9A1 Bazooka

Zeta-Lab Full Steel WW II US Army M9A1 Bazooka

Chalk up another launcher from Zeta Lab as Airsoft Panda is now taking pre-orders of their M9A1 Bazooka. Made of full steel and can use the 40mm M203 gas grenade shells, there is no information on how much this weighs. If you’re thinking of doing some World War II reenactments, and you cannot find a Sherman tank to ride on, this will be the next best thing to have around.

Zeta-Lab Full Steel WW II US Army M9A1 Bazooka

  • Manufacturer: Zeta-Lab Product
  • Full Steel US Army M9A1 with the adjustable quadrant sight
  • One piece steel barrel with realistic twist to tight function
  • Fit all 40mm m203 grenade shell
  • Come with One Zeta-Lab M203 96 rds grenade shell
  • Made in Hong Kong

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China made Full Metal CO2 PPK/S with Blowback Function

We cannot say if this latest ACM airsoft pistol available at Airsoft Panda is compatible with some existing Walther PPK/S pistols made elsewhere. But this one is a full metal CO2 powered airsoft pistol which you can get for US$65.00. This is fully marked which you can see in the photo below, no FPS out of the box mentioned so if you get one better check it out immediately if it can be used for skirmishes or just plain target shooting according to your local laws.

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APS Full Metal M4A1 AEG with Electric Blowback

Another M4A1 airsoft electric gun which features a blowback function is available at Airsoft Panda. Made by Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting (APS) this is a full metal AEG with complete markings. This is made in Hong Kong, and comes with a hi-capacity magazine. You can get this from Airsoft Panda for US$152, shipping costs not yet included. Notice the club-foot stock in the photo and we wonder if this is standard in all their packages.

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ARMY Full Metal Caliber .45 Kimber Pistol

Those who are always budget conscious can check this new release from the ACM manufacturer, ARMY. This Kimber pistol costs US$68 at Airsoft Panda and comes is full-metal with silver outer barrel. It is compatible with existing Army R27 and 1911 magazines, and also with Tokyo Marui Parts. If you need some advice, better silicon oil it before you start a playing in a skirmish with it.

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