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Krylon (The Poor Man's Duracoat) – Camo Week

Mike and myself have mentioned Krylon a few times on Grey Ops, but we've never dedicated any length of time to talking about it. Well it's high time to rectify that, because for paintballers, airsofters and hunters, it's an excellent alternative to costly means of camouflaging your marker/gun.

What is it?

If people are looking to camouflage something, when they say "Krylon" they're normally talking about Krylon's "Fusion" line-up. Specifically, they're often talking about  Krylon's "Camouflage Fusion" paint, which offers several popular matte finish muted colours such as Olive, Khaki and Black (there are in fact now 6 kinds of Camouflage Fusion, but I have yet to see a full compliment in any one store).
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STOP California Senate Bill 798, how you can help.

Californian Airsofters are spitting tacks over the prospect of Senate Bill 798 passing through the Senate. This bill may require allq1a34toy Airsoft guns bought and sold in the State of California be emblazoned with vivid colouring of the red, blue, green or clear variety. While I suffer under an archaic law requiring all my AEGS to be semi-auto only, this is much worse, in my opinion.  While widely publicised now, it doesn’t hurt to throw some more light on it. Here is an appeal video from Prodigy who is a member of Airsoft Team Kilo23.

Download the letter now and fax/email/post to register your objection.

This article, STOP California Senate Bill 798, how you can help., was originally published by Everything Airsoft. Copyright 2010

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Robinson Arms XCR by Echo 1 OEM by VFC!

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"Canada-Legal" Airsoft coming?

A reliable source, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, just broke this news about Canadian Airsoft laws to the Grey Ops team:

“Airsoft in Canada may soon get a boost with the recent pick up of “Canada Legal” guns coming into the country. Seems that full metal AEG’s and GBB’s are being shipped with paperwork claiming they fire bewteen 430 and 500 fps. This sits them into the legal grey area occupied by .68 paintball markers and would pass inspection by the CBSA, full metal bodies and all. Now, what the paperwork says and what they’ll actually test at is to be seen, as some seem to still have hang tags on them saying they fire at 380 fps, and would therefore be illegal replicas.

“Secondly, not sure how most airsoft players out there would want to be hit by bb’s at 480 fps, so internal mods may have to be done once they’re acquired in order to make them safe to play with, but this may put an end to “clearsoft” in Canada and give us some decent made, decent looking airsoft guns at reasonable prices.

“In theory, this practice could also be used for .43 paintball markers such as RAP pistols, but the marker would have to have a normal operating range of 430 to 500 fps, which is way beyond what’s safe in paintball today. Several rumors are floating around at the federal level that there will be “Canada legal” .43 markers, but nothing seems to be on paper yet, so don’t get your hopes up.”

Will we Canadians soon be able to buy Airsoft guns and .43cal markers with the same ease as buying a Tippmann 98? Will we be able to import Airsoft guns from Asia legally? This is definitely some interesting news. Stay tuned to Grey Ops for more news as it develops!

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Shot Show 2011 Findings!

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THUMPY’S SHOT SHOW UPDATE #14-Echo 1 and JAG Precision

You know “Top Tech Brian” from Echo 1 USA’s YouTube Videos. Now, Brian Holt gives Thumpy the walk through tour of the JAG Precision booth at SHOT Show 2011, and shows off their BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for Airsofters. You can catch ALL the videos from great Airsoft Media Folks, like the guys from AIRSOFTOLOGY, AIRSOFT PACIFIC, […]

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