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Airsoftology Airsoft Radio Android App

Airsoftology Airsoft Radio  Android App

Rather than downloading each time an episode of Airsoftology, why not listen it from your phone wherever you are with this Airsoftology Android app made by Wizzard Media,. This works for Android 2.1 mobile devices and higher… “This is the most convenient way to access Airsoftology on your phone. With this app you are always connected to the latest episodes and the show.

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THUMPY’S SHOT SHOW UPDATE #14-Echo 1 and JAG Precision

You know “Top Tech Brian” from Echo 1 USA’s YouTube Videos. Now, Brian Holt gives Thumpy the walk through tour of the JAG Precision booth at SHOT Show 2011, and shows off their BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for Airsofters. You can catch ALL the videos from great Airsoft Media Folks, like the guys from AIRSOFTOLOGY, AIRSOFT PACIFIC, […]

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Airsoftology moves to The Airsoft Channel

Airsoftology is sure growing fast as it has now moved to its new home at The Airsoft Channel. You can watch either their video show in full High Definition, or you can treat yourself to a podcast if you prefer storing the show into your MP3 player to listen to while on the road… "Started as a humble internet radio show in 2008, Airsoftology has since grown into a multi-program franchise with a internationally followed podcast, vidcast and a brand new HD web TV program: 'The Airsoftology Show'.

The secret to their success, it’s simple: Create a high quality program that airsoft players want to see , hosted by avid airsofters (not hired actors), and produced to professional standards.

They answer your questions, comment on the latest news, review new products and provide tech advice that you want to see."

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Vidéos des M4 GBB KWA : LM4 SR7 et PTR

Nos confrères d’Airsoftology ont pu tester en avant première la nouvelle gamme de M4 gaz blowback de chez KWA que nous vous dévoilions en janvier dernier sur cet article, et plus particulièrement les prototypes des déclinaisons SR7 (Version courte avec garde-main RIS) et PTR (Standard). Retrouvez ci-dessous la vidéo de leur essai au sein des locaux de la marque … et sous leur surveillance. La qualité semble au rendez-vous, malheureusement pour juger sur pièce toujours pas de date de sortie ni de prix !

Rq: Comme précisé dans la vidéo la crosse de la version SR7 n’est malheureusement pas la crosse de la version définitive !

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Airsoftology Radio #32: “Lambs to the Slaughter”

This is not only a podcast, it’s now a videocast with this latest episode of Airsftology. Watch the video below… "This week we re-visit a common but misunderstood vocabulary term, DMR,  Chris joins us for the show (and provides an impromptu advanced tech tip) And the news flows freely! And:  Winter patches are sold out, but Nashville Airsoft has a few left available online. And the new ones are on the way this week,  keep checking the store for the release!"


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Airsoftology Podcast Episode #29 "Shameless"

Another great podcast from the guys at Airsoftology…

The big announcement this week is hats… That’s right, hats baby!  I know what you areAirsoftWow thinking; that we’re shameless self-promoters, but hey…we have to eat too!   Check out the store and grab yours today. It helps the show…every penny goes back into the podcast.

Patches: Boy, you are in luck.  We though we were out of patches but after digging around the bunker we found a small stash; and 9 sets remain. Once they are gone, they are gone… and there will be new designs in their place.

Informative with a touch of humour; we break down the news, reviews and questions that you want to hear.


Click below to play [00:58:35] or Download

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]


Also now in HD video for you to enjoy.

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Airsoftology Episode #28: “Muffin Top”

Just released yesterday, the latest Airsoftology podcast…. "Ok, we have a running bet and it isn’t pretty.  It involves Steve, an Echo1 Red Star covert, some revealing pink clothing and a day of airsoft.  If you want more information than that you have to tune into this episode, come on…you know you want to. Patches: Boy, you are in luck.  I though we were out of patches but I dug around in the bunker and found 12 more sets (and these are all that remain)!!! Once they are gone, they are gone… and there will be new designs in their place, and hats too… That’s right, hats baby!

Informative with a touch of humor; we break down the news, reviews and questions that you want to hear."

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