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Four New Episodes from Airsplat On Demand

Time now to take a hit of videos from with their Airsplat On Demand Series. Episodes 28 to 31 feature presentations are on the WE 1911 Desert Tab, the KWA M4 SIR, Classic Army LWRC M62, King Arms Sig 556. Airsplat’s Jake and Kristen are the main presentors for all of these episodes. So check these videos out and see if you get convinced by these airsoft presentations.


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Watch 5 Episodes of Airsplat on Demand

Airsplat went on a shooting spree this weekend and we mean video shooting, releasing five episodes for you to watch their take on products they have in stock… "In or ongoing weekly AirSplat ON DEMAND episodes we have 5 new episodes since our last post! We covered a wide range of airsoft guns from Double Eagle M56 Shotguns, ICS MP5's, JLS XM8, WE 1911 & M9, and Celcius CTW. We tried to cover all levels of experience from entry to expert and we hope that you enjoy. More coming, stay tuned!

Ep 21: CELCIUS M4 CTW AEG Airsoft Rifle­

Ep 20: WE 1911 MEU / Silver Gas Airsoft Gun

Ep 19: JLS S-M8 XM8 Spring Airsoft Rifle

Ep 18: ICS MP5 A4 / ICS MP5 SD5 Sport Airsoft AEG

Ep 17: DE M56 Tri Shot Airsoft Shotgun Rifle

More reviews available on our AirSplat ON DEMAND"

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