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EMA extended magazine release for AKs and Galils

Tacticalizing (if that’s a real word) your AK is a bit of an emotive subject. AK purists would say it’s heresy to make any decadent modifications to Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov’s classic design!

However, and forgive me for saying this, the basic AK design is not perfect! (Gasp!)

If you ever wondered why tactical AKs exist at all it is because while everyone recognizes the fundamental genius of Kalashnikov’s design concept some of the AK’s features are less than ergonomic or practical.

The AK’s small magazine release isn’t quite as efficient as it could be – though, again, AK purists would strenuously argue otherwise. Never the less, when SOCOM investigated the adoption of an AK for use by US Special Forces an extended magazine release lever was added to the classic design to make the process of dropping mags a little faster and efficient.

In the airsoft world there are several of these tactical AK magazine releases for sale by third-party accessory manufactures – most notably Element and King Arms – but these amount to the standard AK trigger guard and release button assemble with a welded on extension ‘arm’…

Left: One of four styles of AK tactical magazine release assemblies made by King Arms.

The down side of this particular type of modified component is that it demands the removal of the whole tigger guard assemble in order to fit it. What with the varying dimensional differences between makes of airsoft replicas there is a chance that these trigger guard replacements might not actually fit your particular brand of AK AEG.

So, the EMA solution gets round this nicely as it simply slides over the current mag release with no gun smthing required. You just tighten a small grub screw to attach it to your existing release lever.

Above: The EMA AK & Galil extended magazine release accessory. This is made in Isreal and is a RS product designed to fit either Kalashnikovs or the Israeli version of the AK, the Galil.

At the end of the day this sort of accessory has to be balanced against the sort of look you are going for, it is most defiantly not for the standard Soviet/Russian AK loadout. But if you like your AK all tricked out then this is an additional piece of bling that is easy to install and does make mag changing a smidgen easier.

Milgeek rating:

Product: EMA AK / Galil magazine release extention
Supplier: TSI Armouries (USA)
Cost: $14.99 plus shipping (they do ship to the UK)

My review video…

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Prototype multi-caliber lower for the SCAR rifle

The online mecca for gun nuts – – has featured a rather nifty weapons modification that is of interest to both RS and airsoft fans alike. The multi-caliber ‘lower’ is what it says, a means of getting the SCAR rifle to accept a variety of different calibres simply by replacing the lower half of the weapon.

This novel means of switching calibres has been something of a holy grail in military terms extending, as it does, the fashionable idea of the 'modular weapon' (as – probably – imagined by Eugene Stoner in the 1960s). The FN SCAR series of rifles does go so far in offering a modular weapon, albeit in an off-the-shelf format (in that you can have any shape or size of assault rifle format you can imagine based on a basic sub-set of related components) but the gun does only come in the two NATO calibres – 5.56mmm and 7.62mm.

The need for a gun capable of handling various calibres – but most notably those of the 'enemy' – came to prominence during the early Afghan campaign where US Special Forces complained that while they were running short of 5.56mm rounds during fire fights they were awash with discarded Russian 7.62mmx39mm magazines. Thus the hybrid Knights Armament SR-47 and X47 projects were born, giving SF soldiers what basically amounts to a Kalashnikov but with all the modern Western conveniences of rails and upgraded parts.

Above: The Knights Armament SR-47 – a hybrid of the Colt AR-15 'upper' and a receiver capable of taking a Kalashnikov type 7.62x39mm magazine.

The new multi-calibre lower prototype for the SCAR is in this vein, allowing Special Forces (in theory) to quickly change their default SCAR into a weapon which uses a type of round that is most easily found in the theatre where they are deployed. The other good reason for doing this is so they have 'deniablity' – leaving only spent enemy rounds behind after an operation.

Interestingly – from an airsoft point of view – the German developer of this prototype was restricted from using a real steel (RS) SCAR upper receiver in his work due to German gun laws and so had to use that of a ACM airsoft replica!

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SRC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle

SRC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle

The latest gas blowback rifle in the market today made by the Star Rainbow Company (SRC). The SRC AKS74U  GBB is now available at Gunner Airsoft for US$259.00… “SRC released their GBB AK series Nov 2010, the first product is the AKS-74U. The gas system has the same concept as TM or KSC S7 system, it`s Much more stable than GHK AK gas system (which just uses a steel ball as a valve inside the nozzle). The gun will stop after the last round, (Unlike the GHK, which can still shoot empty shots). Chrono`d at 130m/s with Top Gas at 22 degree C.”

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UFC: Garde-main RAS pour A&K Masada

Bientôt disponible du côté de chez Union Fire Company ce garde-main RAS pour le Masada A&K. Deux couleurs annoncées : noir ou dark earth. Prix ¥10,000 soit environ 88€. Pas de date de sortie indiquée.

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The Stuff We Missed for Week Ending June 13th 2010

It’s that time of the week where we try to catch up on all the news we missed or something we found interesting that didn’t deserve a full article. Here are the some things we didn’t get to discuss for week ending June 13th 2010.

This article, The Stuff We Missed for Week Ending June 13th 2010, was originally published by Everything Airsoft. Copyright 2010

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Magpul Accessories on an AK?? What?!?!

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Better grab yourself one as it might run out soon… "We now have the much anticipated AK-47 AKMS GBB in stock at Opforce DG. Limited supply. With nickel plated steel internals we have the hardest hitting recoil system. We also give you a warrantee with every purchase. These custom GBB's use your aeg mag. They have adjustable fps, rof, recoil, and hop up.

Running on either co2 or hpa they can be ran in freezing weather with no cool down what so ever. Totally upgraded out of the box. Full size steel bolt and the internals to match. All internal parts are milled and if any part ever breaks we will replace it. Made with a lct conversion kit these are works of art. These custom pieces are in limited supply and in stock now for 899us. All other models have a waiting list. Dealers Welcome.


Opforce / DG

Tactical Training Systems"


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Another use for an AK-47

This is an old video, but I got a good laugh watching it again.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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Evolution 5: A&K M60E4 / MK43 MOD 0

A year on, and the PinoyAirsoft crew are back, just in time to ring in the new year with some appropriately heavy artillery: the modern-day Pig! The A&K M60E4/Mk43 Mod 0 gets its trial by fire in another long term test. This time it’s a test of both man and machine through dense tropical terrain.


Hello and welcome to PinoyAirsoft Evolution 5. Tonight, it’s all about heavy metal and plastic rain as we look at the A&K Mk 43 Mod 0 / M60E4.

World War 2 in Europe taught the Americans a hard lesson in dealing with machine gun squads. So they sought to replicate and improve on the lethal German designs they fought against with the T44 prototype. The prototype led to the M60, a general-purpose machine gun meant to be the ultimate squad-level weapon. From conflict to conflict, it has evolved to keep up with modern war, until we come to the ultimate version, the M60E4 or the Navy Mark 43 Mod 0.

This isn’t the first airsoft version, but A&K are the first to mass produce an affordable one that isn’t made of plastic. This one is a metal monster that looks to live up to the ferocity of the real thing. And you can have it for the price of an iPod.

Bench Tests

Out of the box, it shoots at 407 FPS on 0.25, or a staggering 470 FPS on 0.20g. Or 2 Joules. That’s the maximum legal limit in Hong Kong. And unlike your garden-variety upgraded M4, it delivers that power in an unbroken hail of plastic death. An unrelenting 10 to 12 Rounds Per Second, on the standard battery. The hail just goes on and on and on.

Contrast this with the M249, where ROF slows down after 3 or 4 seconds. The 249 is for a boxer with finesse, pouncing with quick jabs. Meanwhile, the M60 is for a drunken brawler. It just corners you and punches you. Repeatedly. In the face.

This isn’t to say it’s messy and inaccurate. The 470 mm inner barrel delivers respectable 30 millimeter groupings at 15 yards.


The M60E4 has a vertical grip, designed to be fired in offhand stance, like a rifle. The revised bipod puts the center of mass below its pivot to make a stable shooting platform. Barrel release and handle are faithfully replicated nice touches but serve no real purpose.But the ambidextrous safety works and will come in handy.

The gas regulator actually controls rate of fire electrically. It’s a nice touch not even the high end VFC version can claim to have.

The Mark 43 is shorter than the standard M60. At a little shy of 1 meter in length, it’s actually as short as an M249 PARA with stock extended. Fully loaded, it weighs in at a solid 16 pounds.

The sound activated autowinding boxmag is also made solid, unlike the paper box VFC throws in. But unlike the M249 and more like older SAW designs, the box magazine sticks out awkwardly out on the left.

In The Box

A&Ks kit comes with everything you need to rock and roll. No extra batteries needed as the boxmag plugs in to the gun for power. About the only thing that’s lacking in this package is a couple of kilos of ammunition to fill up the boxmag. It’s all there, and everything is usable. And yes, even the user manual is useful, having been photocopied from a good source.


Popping the top cover gives you easy access to the barrel-style hopup, which is not unlike on the 249. Teardown is an easy task, with everything but the gearbox readily disassembled without tools. Popping the top cover gives you easy access to the barrel-style hopup, which is not unlike on the 249.

Under the metal, you’d expect there to be some very scary upgrades. Outside the massive gearbox certainly looks solid and is also cleanly constructed. All the wiring into the gearbox is routed through a connector that plugs into the receiver.

The spring is longer than normal. The motor is heavily magnetized. The gears are nothing special but reassuringly well lubricated. The tappet plate, cylinder and piston are longer than normal.

Amazingly, the compression can only be described as appalling. It’s baffling how it even manages to do 2J. Another mystery is the hopup. Turning it even all the way up seems to do nothing to the BB flight path.

Now then the chinks in the metal monster’s armor are showing. It gets worse.


Issue 1 – Boxmag Switch Location

The boxmag, a rare design innovation, is ruined by having the switch in the most awkward place it could possibly be. Even punching a hole through the ammo bag doesn’t remedy this issue, as the switch stays hidden behind the battery.

Issue 2 – Loose Front Set

More seriously, though, the front set, given time to bed in, has a tendency to wobble. With some stress, the screws can come off the body, which, being made of a weak alloy, tends to let the screws destroy the threading. In point of fact, we had to change out all the screws with common stove bolts to hold it together long enough to complete this review.

Issue 3 – Mag Mount Loses Thread

The problem extends further elsewhere. Putting stress on the magazine mount can cause one of the screws to shear off the receiver and later cause the entire mount to separate.

Conclusion:  Recommended With Reservations

In the end, we can only recommend the A&K Mk43 with some reservation. Out of the box it is quite a capable BB hose. But ultimately the A&K Mk43 is let down by all the shoddy materials used to keep it affordable. If it could only take as good as it dished out, this gun would actually be skirmishable.

Granted, it’s still the most powerful support gun you can get out of the box. That is, until the screws come loose.

Got an A&K Mk43 Mod 0? We’d like to hear your opinions in the comments!

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