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AATV reporting from IWA 2011–part 3

This is the final batch of IWA videos from AATV:

Here is the last load of IWA videos for this year:

AATV @ IWA 2011: Ace of Spades

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany introducing the airsoft company Ace of Spades. Airsoft guns in this video: Various rebranded Chinese AEGs and two VFC limited edition M4s

AATV @ IWA 2011: SRC G36K GBB and AKS74U GBB

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the SRC booth. Airsoft guns in this video: G36K GBB and AKS74U GBB

AATV @ IWA 2011: S-Thunder

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the S-Thunder booth. Airsoft products in this review: Single and Double Barrel Grenade Launcher and lots of 40mm airsoft grenades


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AATV reporting from IWA 2011–part 2

Here is the second batch of videos from AATV at IWA 2011:

AATV @ IWA 2011: ASG

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the ASG booth.
Airsoft guns in this video: B&T GL06 Grenade Launcher, Accuracy
International AX338, YHM Upper and Lower Receiver AEG

AATV @ IWA 2011: King Arms

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the King Arms
booth. Airsoft guns in this video: Dragunov SVD, P90, Roni Kit, Thompson
Limited edition BlingBling, Blaser Tactical

AATV @ IWA 2011: Evolution Airsoft

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the Evolution
Airsoft booth. Airsoft guns in this video: Evolution Airsoft Combat Series
M16, M4 and AK47 variants, Evolution Airsoft LR300 models

AATV @ IWA 2011: ICS

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the ICS booth.
Airsoft guns in this video: M3 Grease Gun, FN FNC, Galil Rail variants, MX5


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AATV videos from the IWA Gunshow

Here are the first of AATV’s videos from this year’s IWA:

Hi, AATV released the first patch of videos from the IWA gunshow 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany. More to come soon 🙂

AATV @ IWA 2011: G&G

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the G&G booth. Airsoft guns in this video: Walther WA2000, P90, G26, Mauser 98K. Accessories: Battery Recoil Stock

AATV @ IWA 2011: Real Sword

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the Real Sword booth. Airsoft Guns in it: Real Swords new AR15 series, Type 97 Sniper and LMG version

AATV @ IWA 2011: Redwolf Airsoft

AATV reporting from the IWA Gun Show 2011 in Germany from the Redwolf Airsoft booth. Airsoft guns in it: TM VSR10 Chrome, Socomgear Cheytac M200, ICS revolver grenade launcher, G&P Stoner MK63 Limited Edition, KTW Winchester M1873 Randal, Tanaka Mauser 98K and Redwolf-Boss Paul Chu

Cheers, Gregor (AATV)

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 13, 2011

  • New Airsoft Map Feature – Quick Skirmish Event Dates Addition
    This is just a quick video to document a new feature added to the Airbana Airsoft Map allowing you to add multiple events very quickly. In this example I add an entire years worth of events for a particular Skirmish site with full synopsis, description, start and end times, places, prices etc in less than a minute.
    Come out and play @ Pic. PB on March 19th. We are always looking for new players. $20 Admission for all day play. REMEMBER A BARREL SOCK!

  • (Airsoft Tactics) Primary to Secondary
    Watch Ranger as he shows you how to properly pivot turn with a airsoft rifle, and how to properly switch from your airsoft rifle to your airsoft pistol. Remember this is for airsoft only. Be sure to be safe with your airsoft guns and always use eye protection.
  • Solitary Complete trailer
    I’m making a compilation/re-edit of Solitary that will be around 30 minutes long and will contain all ten parts, combined into one story. I found this unfinished "Previously on Solitary…" while going through some old files and thought, hey, why not upload something for once.
  • Lost HVA Combative Airsoft War
    A video from a war i just found and never uploaded so here it is!
  • T-Virus (Resident Evil) Sinnet Preview by TIAT
    The T-Virus Sinnet is a nod to the mythology and imagery of the Resident Evil series. More specifically, the look of the sinnet was inspired by the fictional, man-made virus, created by "Umbrella Corporation". Relatively easy to tie, the sinnet makes a great bracelet or belt.
  • Sig551, PPSh-41, G&G Scar Airsoft Forest War Game Scotland 2011 HD
    I have over 20,000 followers on Facebook at

    1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    Filmed at POW Airsoft which is close to Falkirk, scotland, you will need to register on their website to find out game dates, cost to play etc at

    Filmed on a Canon 550D at 1080p HD, edited on an Apple MacBook pro using iMovie 09. There is no camera crew used to make these videos its all done by one person…ME.

    If you need Airsoft guns in the UK then I usually buy from

  • "Desert Quicksand:" The Definition of Stuck by Nutnfancy
    Now DUDE…that’s is stuck! Murphy’s Law in full effect on another Nutnfancy tactical shoot. This time we’re hosting CEO of Tactical Solutions Keith as comes down to our neck of the woods. Awful weather was in store which made the desert treacherous for travel. What looks to be a firm gravel dirt quickly becomes a mud bog when it’s been soaked like this. No matter the truck or technique, when you’re in, you’re in. Even careful driving with the outstanding Nissan Pro-4X and it’s locking differential can’t bring us out of this Desert Quicksand. Luckily I was by the road as I flipped this brody and dug in…making a quick extraction with my tow strap from another passing vehicle possible. But between here and there is a world of mud and slop as everything conspires against us to get this shoot going! When it rains, it pours. You just gotta’ laugh./////////////// Music: DoKashiteru
  • 2011/03/11 Earthquake, Yokohama
  • "Elevations of Rimfire:" Tactical Solutions and TNP, Pt 1
    Join The Nutnfancy Project up in Boise, Idaho as we touch base with Tactical Solutions and crew. For years they have made some the coolest and most useful modifications to Ruger and Browning .22s: the Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite receiver barrels and the X-Ring .22 barrels for 10/22s. The TacSol barrels transform these guns into super lightweight and good looking guns with perhaps a tactical flavor. The threaded barrels help too, prepping the gun for either the TacSol proprietary compensator or a suppressor (perhaps their own Cascade design), both useful in many POUs. Produced in some wicked colors, PFIDude and myself check out the production and finished products of these and some other newer TacSol products here. Kinda’ like their new full size Glock TSG-22 .22 conversion slide (milled out of 4140 steel), the 2211 .22 1911 conversions, AR-22s, and X-Ring 10/22 receivers. Of course while we kid around along the way, I make sure we hit the key points of the designs and make some honest observations where appropriate. And somewhere along the way a Great Pyrenees finds interest in PFIDude’s crotch…what?! Keith, crew, and their dog were great hosts in this TNP visit. We are motivated to get out and shoot these guns after the visit with Keith and do just that. But windy conditions, a rushed schedule, and some jams conspire against us and we end up down in the TNP desert stomping grounds make the shoot a reality. But things get interesting then. In a driving rain and a blizzard the TacSol shoot finally takes place and in the end we give these guns a real test in these harsh conditions (with enough mud for anyone!). ////////////////Music: Jason Shaw
  • Aftermath AK47 (Cheapsoft Airsoft Gun) -ASTKilo23-
    this is not a real review. do not take it seriously. its just for fun.
  • Redwolf Airsoft – Pantac Baggage
    Pantac makes a vast variety of combat gear, in this video we are looking a selection of bags to give you and idea of what they offer. Many different shapes and styles, all in full 1000D Cordura and milspec build quality.
  • Airsoft GI – Japan Earthquake 3/11/2011 – Our Hearts Go Out to Those Affected
    Earthquakes have riddled the across the globe in the past few years with the most recent, and one of the strongest, to hit Japan yesterday. This is not an airsoft related incident but we would like to take a moment and mourn those who died, and pray for those who have been affected by this terrible disaster.
  • (Airsoft Series) Jugger What?! behind the scenes and bloopers – Here is a peek behind the scenes with the RAINBOW team as they filmed the first episode of their web series titled "Jugger What?!". Hope you enjoy the video.

    We had a blast filming this episode. We try to keep the series as close to an actual game of airsoft as we possibly can. We of course glorify it a little bit because when you boil it down, we’re just grown men playing with toy guns. Hahaha…

    These were filmed in Southern California.

  • AirSplat ON DEMAND: Deep Fire M4 Silver Series 1 Airsoft Gun Review Episode 63
    Jake and Kristen go over the Deep Fire M4 Silver Series 1 Airsoft Electric Rifle. This thing is full metal with high end Deep Fire internals. This m4 airsoft gun can withstand many different battery voltages and comes with advanced parts like Deans connectors. Check it out!

    *All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips*

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AEG Wizard: Burst Wizard LV

imageYou may notice a new supporter for the site with the website AEG Wizard. I thought I’d add some information about their invention.

According to their press release the Burst Wizard LV allows you to easily retrofit a burst unit to your own AEG. The simple addition allows you to tune burst fire, enforce single shot or slow down the rate of fire on an AEG. Not bad for 40USD:

AEG Burst Wizard was invented for Airsoft hobbyists who want to have more functions, fun and safety when playing the AEG games. We know most players would like to have more capabilities especially more firing modes out of their guns besides just semi-auto and full-auto modes. Up until now, adding more firing modes like the 3 round burst and sniper mode to their guns require significant rework to the gearbox assembly and certain level of skill to achieve them.


But with AEG Burst Wizard from, adding 3 round burst and other safety features to any of their AEGs can be achieved in seconds. As a matter of fact, the AEG Burst Wizard is a plug and play computer controlled MOSFET controller that instantly transforms any of their AEGs into a 3 round burst gun. But that is not all it does for hobbyists to enhance the value of their guns! Here are some of it’s other popular features that hundreds of hobbyists around the Airsoft world are talking about:

1) Sniper mode for DMR or any AEGs (1 second delay between trigger pulled)
2) ROF change from 100% down to 50% or lower for safety and mimicking the real steels
3) MOSFET soft starting to enhance the life of gearbox and motor
4) Burst mode active braking and precision burst count tuning
5) Trigger switch arcing reducer function without needing to rewire the electrical interface
6) Small size 2.2"L x 0.6"W x 0.4"H  ( 5.6 cm L x 1.5 cm W x 1 cm H)
7) Announce the battery voltage within 0.1 V accuracy. Now they know the health of the battery installed
8) Keep the full auto mode capability but has an option to disable full auto mode altogether
9) LIPO battery low voltage cut off protection to extend the useful life of their valuable battery
10) At only USD $39.99 (half the price compared to other MOSFET products)

Best Regards, Kong (AEG Wizard)

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UKAPU defend airsoft player in trouble with the law

UKAPU have an interesting story about one of their members’ run in with the law whilst attempting to import an airsoft replica:

Another victory – UKAPU defends innocent airsoft player in trouble with LAW

In August 2010, Roland Fejes (an airsoft skirmisher and now member of UKAPU) attempted to import a Deepfire M72 LAW. The Deepfire M72 LAW is a high quality airsoft replica but ordinary in function, using moscart type airsoft ‘grenades’. These are commonly imported to the UK as they are a replica which you are permitted to import or buy when you are entitled to the skirmishers specific defence under the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

To Roland’s surprise, his replica was seized when it passed through customs and his house subsequently raided by a counter terrorism unit in order to check that he did not have ‘any other prohibited weapons’. Roland was given no paperwork to explain the situation and no notice of seizure. When he was contacted by the Police he was aggressively bullied and threatened with nonsensical charges including firearms and terrorism offences in an attempt to scare him away from seeking his legal rights. He was accused of importing a re-activated real launcher.

Clearly a fundamental mistake had been made – on top of which something was very wrong with the way the authorities were handling this situation. As a normal player with no legal expertise Roland did not know how to approach this, so one of our members suggested he get in contact with us at UK Airsoft Players Union. One of the key roles we have set for UKAPU is defending individual airsoft skirmishers against prejudice in the system.

Over the course of 6 months UKAPU used our knowledge, contacts and community standing to fight this injustice. Eventually UKAPU convinced a senior Police officer to drop talk of terrorism charges, at which point UK Border Agency and Scotland Yard began disputing the legality of airsoft skirmishers importing moscart devices. Again our considered protest won through, and by UKAPU persistently refusing to let this issue drop Roland had his item returned to him this week! By this, the Police have admitted that they were wrong to prevent him importing this airsoft replica, that the harassment was unjustified and that the charges were unfounded.

Everyone who has joined UKAPU has contributed to this latest victory; We were only able to force the powers that be to respect Roland’s rights because of the strength that our members have lent to UKAPU by joining, so they should give themselves a pat on the back! United, we Airsofters can stand up for each other, so if you haven’t joined yet then please look at our website – we will need your support in the next fight!

Matt Furey-King, Chairman (UKAPU)

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Pyramyd Airsoft Blog: G&G – Capital of Greedy Island?

Tom has been rambling, oops, I mean writing over on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog when he should probably be sleeping:

Their words, not mine.  I’m just the messenger here.

According to my very new and incredible Penpal Tactical Writing Equipment, aka my “Awesome” Pen, I estimate that it’s around 11:24am London Time in your neck of the woods.  That would make it 3:24am Pacific Standard Time in mine.  This incredible device weighs around 3.4 lbs (a gross hyperbole, but it’s very heavy) and allows me to calculate the time pretty much anywhere in the world because of its global clock. It does other cool things like break glass & penetrate various surfaces with the ball point tip without damaging its structural integrity.  Anyway, you might think that’s outrageously late to be up, thinking about Airsoft, but I can assure you that there’s never a bad time of day to be doing such a thing. 


As such, I’ve put some thoughts up on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog about my time at the G&G Booth during this year’s Shot Show, which includes a brief discussion about Snow White and the subliminal adulterated content Walt Disney animators & sound engineers allegedly inserted into some of their classic animated children’s films.


For anyone who’s interested, the new FN Herstal F2000 by G&G Armament, graciously licensed through Cybergun, is “oscar mike” to my grid coordinates for a much needed analysis & review.  I will post my findings on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog faster than you can say, “Chione the Snow Nymph.”  You’ll need to read my latest blog for the heart-warming Cliff Notes story on her.

I hope you, News Fairy, and your wonderful readers have a fantastical weekend.

Tom (

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