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Airsoftology Episode #28: "Muffin Top" Now in glorious HD Video

Another great podcast from the guys at Airsoftology…

Ok, we have a running bet and it isn’t pretty.  It involves Steve, an Echo1 Red Star covert, some revealing pink clothing and a day of airsoft.  If you want more informationAirsoftology Episode #28: “Muffin Top” than that you have to tune into this episode, come on…you know you want to.

Patches: Boy, you are in luck.  I though we were out of patches but I dug around in the bunker and found 12 more sets (and these are all that remain)!!! Once they are gone, they are gone… and there will be new designs in their place, and hats too… That’s right, hats baby!

Informative with a touch of humor; we break down the news, reviews and questions that you want to hear.

Click below to play [1h:05m:43s] or Download

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Now in glorious HD Video also…

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