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P-Life Bio BB Gets ASTM D6954 Certification

MadBull Precision BB Series

MadBull Airsoft proudly announce that the MadBull P-Life Bio BB material approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden ASTM D6954… “Dear friends, We got ASTM D6954 certification which proof our Bio BB is true Bio-degradable. MadBull Airsoft has over 20 different BB and more verities than anyone else. Our factory OEM for top brand Japan BB for years!

Our P-Life Bio BB has been proved totally Bio-degradable and at competitive price. However, many players in Europe ask us to manufacturer PLA Bio BBs.  We may start to use PLA material and produce our PLA Bio BBs to give customers more choice. PLA BBs may be more expensive than P-Life BBs.

You can download the PDF document here.”

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Bioshot .20 BB Sale

Better get your fill of .20 biodegradable BBs as Bioshot is having a major sale… "Some good things are happening at BioShot. We havent ignored you about the heavier weight bbs.  We have heard every request and actually we've been working on them long before those requests.  But they are acutally almost here. However, before we fill our warehouse with the heavier bbs we need to sell out some of our .20g bbs. 

Yep you guessed it, that means a huge sale on our .20's.  $10 a bag!  And even less for our dealers (dealers please refer to your dealer pricing for new sale prices).  We are only going to continue this sale until we balance out our inventory and with these prices that will only be about 3 weeks.  So now is the time to stock up on .20s. "

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Madbull has New Info About Their BBs

After 545 days testing, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden provide us the current status of our P-Life material biodegradable test under ASTM 6954. Our P-Life material already reach 60% which pass ASTM6954 already. The final certificate will be issued in June and we will provide you more details.

NOTE: Our Bio BB are using Japan made P-Life material





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