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G&G GR16 Wasp Blowback Plastic Series

G&G GR16 Wasp Blowback

The latest release from G&G Armament. The GR16 Wasp Plastic Blowback Series feature the electric blowback system that you have seen in the recent GR16 series. What’s notable about this are the pointed flash suppressor, adjustable flip-up front sight which when flipped down blends with the rest of the flat top rail, battery stock tube, and it also has a removal rear sight.

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Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle at Echigoya

TM Recce Rifle Echigoya

The Tokyo Marui M4 Recce Rifle is now available for grabs at Echigoya. The MSRP announced by Tokyo Marui was something north of US$700 but you can get this at Echigoya for US$560. While mainly released for the Japanese Market, you can contact them to enquire the possibility of having it shipped to you. You might have an early Christmas if you can have this ahead of the rest of the world, minus the Japanese players.

The TM Recce Rifle is a next generation shoot and recoil AEG, which means those who are fans of such Tokyo Marui innovation have something to burn their money on.

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Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle Details Released

Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle Details

Now some rough translation on the upcoming Recce Rifle from Tokyo Marui. This us expected to be released by the 29th of November 2001 and this new generation AEG will cost JPY64,800 (US$776). This rifle has the Daniel Defense Rail which they got the licence from MadBull Airsoft’s ISGK which holds some of the licences from real steel manufacturers for use in airsoft. The 16-inch outer barrel can be removed and replaced with a 12 inch barrel.

Like its new generation siblings, the Recce Rifle comes with a mid-cap magazine which has good feeding and the rifle stops firing after the magazine empties. The frame is die-cast aluminium, which makes it lighter than what you think at first impression, just like the TM M4 SOPMOD. It also sues the SOPMOD 8.4v Crane stock Battery.

Optional accessories are the 1.5 4x28mm scope and scope mount which you will need to purchase separately. You can use your existing scopes as these will not be released at the same time as the RECCE rifle.

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Jing Gong RK-74 (RPK-74) Blowback AEG due September 2010

According to Hong Kong based retail store COP9GUN.COM, Jing Gong is going to release in September 2010, an RK-74 Blowback AEG which is of course based on the 7.62×39mm light machine gun of Soviet design, the RPK-74. Featuring a, now all the rage, blowback system, the JG RK-74 will be all steel and wood construction and features JG’s popular EG22000 high performance motor and 7mm gearbox bushings combination. Release date is September 2010 and no price available at this stage.

Jing Gong RPK-74 Blowback AEG

This article, Jing Gong RK-74 (RPK-74) Blowback AEG due September 2010, was originally published by Everything Airsoft. Copyright 2010

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Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R with Blowback and Recoil Engine

The latest Tokyo Marui AEG with blowback and recoil engine. This TM M4 CQB-R follows the original TM M4 SOPMOD in terms of its easy to remove and install cranestock battery which no third party has tried to copy and sell. The difference in the cranestock is the use of the VLTOR EMOD Stock which should be one of its better selling points. It also features a 10.3inch (262mm) barrel for close quarter battles.

Other items included in this new AEG is a short-type Tango Down vertical foregrip and the LMT sight. No pricing announced and it will be in black and flat dark earth colours. It comes also with the low-mid capacity magazine out of the box, and you can purchase the 430 round hi-cap magazines already in the market.

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The New SOCOM Gear SOF is a MUST HAVE!

Full Metal
Officially Licensed
Barrel Extension Included
Threaded Barrel Adaptor
There’s no good reason not to like this gun:

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