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Bomber MRP GBBr

Petit tour chez G&P qui nous présente une nouvelle réplique dans sa gamme de gaz blowback Bomber – basée pour rappel sur le mécanisme Western Arms – avec ce MRP sous licence LMT. Caractéristiques détaillées et photos dans la suite de l’article.

***Had licence from LMT***
**This product cannot sale to Japan**
**G&P Custom**
Magazine Capacity: 50
Length: 700mm / 790mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS & PA
134A Gas Muzzle Velocity: 285-295fps (0.9J)(0.25bb)(Room Temperature 20 degress)
-MRP Metal Body (Aluminum 6063)(CNC Process)
-WA MRP Steel Outer Barrel
-QD Front Sight
-MK18 DX Rear Sight
-WA M4A1 Spare Magazine (50rds)
-Stubby Raider Foregrip (Black)
-WA M16A2 Grip (Black) (WP44B)
-WA Multi Purpose Buttstock (Black) (WP104B)
-Aluminum Stock Pipe (CNC Process)
-QD Sling Swivel Set
-WA Hammer Set (WP11)
-WA M4 CNC Trigger Guard
-WA Steel Stock Ring (WP26)
-WA M4 Steel Sear (WP33)
-WA M4 Bearing Hammer Pin Set (WP34)
-WA Steel Bolt Stop (WP51)
-WA M4 Type Cocking Handle (CNC Process)
-WA M4 Hammer Lock (WP57)
-WA Steel Magazine Catch (WP65)
-WA Steel Selector (WP69)
-WA Steel Forward Assist (WP76)
-WA M4 Aluminum Buffer (WP81A)
-WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113)
-RAS Slim Rail Cover (Black)

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G&P MAJ 23/03/2010

G&P nous dévoile quelques petites nouveautés ! Tout d’abord dans la gamme de gaz blowback Bomber, nous retrouverons désormais le SR16 E3 en édition longue ou courte ; ainsi que quelques nouveaux front set M16VN, M16A1, M653 et M733 pour GBB WA.

G&P Bomber SR16 E3

G&P G&P Bomber SR16 E3 (Shorty)

G&P WA M16VN Handguard Kit

G&P WA M16A1 Handguard Kit

G&P WA M653 Handguard Kit

G&P WA M733 Handguard Kit

G&P WA XM177E1 Handguard Kit

G&P WA Bolt Buffer

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Bomber M16A4 Burst Gas Blowback Rifle

If you want to get this Bomber M16 gas blowback rifle from RedWolf Airsoft, it costs US$816 and be prepared to spend also on the magazines as this accepts the Western Arms gas mags, rather than the WE… "If you're putting together a genuine recreation of a fully up-to-date modern American soldier then this has to be the centerpiece of your loadout. This M16A4 is gas blowback for the authentic feel and functionality of the real steel, right down to the selector switch not safing when the weapon is not cocked.

With fully upgraded internals including a roller-hammer, negative pressure nozzle and mostly steel trigger group. Power is made more stable than the traditional nozzle and your internals set to last a good long while.

True to life, the A4 model replaces the full automatic mode of the M16A3 with this newer version’s 3-round burst option to help preserve accuracy and ammunition. This also helps with gas cooldown issues and helps that 50round magazine last that much longer.

Externally this gun is top notch with a high quality Prime CNC aluminum upper and lower receiver with quality to rival the real thing at a fraction of the cost. Although it's far from blowing targets away, it does an amazing job of replicating the handling of the real thing."

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G&P Bomber M16A2 Burst GBB

G&P nous propose deux nouveaux customs en édition limitée dans sa gamme gaz blowback « Bomber » basés sur la mécanique WA mais avec la plupart des pièces maison dont le set burst, à savoir un M16A2 décliné en version crosse fixe ou extensible. Pas de prix pour l’instant, disponible prochainement sur Redwolf (principalement).

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