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Been Looking for an A-TACS Uniform?

Well look no further. Propper and A-TACS developer Digital Concealment Systems have just announced an agreement resulting in Propper offering an ACU cut uniform in the popular A-TACS pattern. Manufactured from 65/35 Poly Cotton, the ACUs are sewn to the same exacting specs as the issue gear. This means they will hold up to tough use and there are no unknowns when it comes to sizing. Look for the new uniforms in the Spring with Boonie Hats and Combat Shirts to follow.

The Propper ACUs join load carrying equipment from Tactical Assault Gear and slings and other specialized kit from Blue Force Gear.

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MultiCam-tinged Flecktarn Abounds

In addition to TacGear’s MultiCam-esque Flecktarn offering, a new pattern has emerged in Germany called Arid-Flecktarn that is definitely inspired by MultiCam but features Black rather than the Dark Brown shade found in the real thing. It is purely a commercial pattern and has not been adopted for use by anyone. The garments are sewn in the same style as US-issue ACUs.

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New Spanish Camo – MultiCam Ripoff?

In January we published an article with the purported front runner for the new Spanish camo pattern. Since that article the US Army selected MultiCam for use in Afghanistan and shortly after the Spanish Army announced that they are going to adopt the two patterns below. A simple glance will bring one word to mind and that is, “MultiCam”. it appears, that unlike the UK and US, they wanted to do it on the cheap. Soldier Systems Daily has verified that the Spanish military did not consult with Crye Precision in development of these patterns. Oddly, the Spanish Army is referring to this new camo as “digitized” due to the squared off edges on some of the shapes but they could hardly be considered true digital patterns when compared to UCP or CADPAT.

Spanish Desert Pattern Spanish Woodland Pattern

Quite a few countries have jumped on the MultiCam band wagon. Some have licensed the technology and unfortunately, some have not. StrikeHold! has a great article on MultiCam derivatives.

Aside from the concern over the origin of the pattern the fit seems to be at issue as well. While this new uniform closely resembles the US ACU, apparently Spanish troops are a bit unhappy about the cut of the trousers, forcing them to go “Marcando Paquetorro”.

-Miguel en Canarias contributed to this report.

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Fleckcam from Tacgear

Germany’s Tacgear has released a preview of their upcoming flecktarn based camo pattern. Although the photo is small, the colorway looks surprisingly similar to MultiCam.

Fleckcam from TacGear

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Australian Uniforms to NOT be Made in China

According to an article in “The Daily Telegraph,” Australian Defense officials are poised to make a cost curbing move that could result in the loss of 400 textile jobs. A special fabric used for combat uniforms is currently manufactured in Wangaratta, Victoria by Bruck Textiles. Those opposed to the move to offshore manufacture claim that not only will the decision affect the Australian textile industry but that the material is a protected technology and that the know how to manufacture it should not be exported. Similar concerns were recently aired in the UK over Chinese manufacture of the newly adopted Multi-Terrain Pattern.

With the Berry Amendment, the US remains one of the only countries with legislation designed to maintain a domestic textile base to support defense requirements.

UPDATE: Word from Australia is that as of close of business Defence had capitulated and that no material will be produced overseas.

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Spain to Adopt New Camo

Everyone’s doing it, adopting new camo patterns that is. Two new patterns are on their way for the Spanish Army, a Woodland Digital pattern named “Spectrum64K” (seen below) and a Desert/Urban variant purported to look almost identical to UCP. The cut of both versions is almost identical to the ACU.

New Spanish Woodland Digital uniform

New Spanish Army woodland digital uniform - tag

The ironic thing in all of this is that as soon as the patterns were released by the Army, Spanish troops preparing to deploy to Afghanistan started to run out and purchase MultiCam and US MARPAT uniforms.

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