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G&P CAR-15 AEG – Nouvelle version

Deux nouveautés à découvrir du côté de G&P : une version plus moderne du CAR-15, et un silencieux style Stubby avec marquages Skull Frog. Pas d’informations sur les prix, mais comme d’habitude cela ne devrait pas tarder à arriver dans les meilleures crèmeries.

G&P CAR-15 (New Style) – GP-AEG001N

G&P Stubby Silencer (Skull Frog) – GP-SIL001

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G&P CAR-15 et XM177-E2 AEG

G&P nous présente quelques nouveautés old-school dans sa gamme d’armalites : un CAR-15, un XM177E2 ainsi qu’un XM177E2 avec lance-grenades M203. Notez que ces deux derniers sont également disponibles en kit avec uniquement le garde-main. Côté accessoires, un flash-hider XM ainsi qu’une box MK23.

G&P CAR-15 – Old Style (Infos)

G&P XM177E2 with M203 (Infos)

G&P XM177E2 (Infos)

G&P XM177E2 with M203 Handguard Kit (Infos)

G&P XM177E2 Handguard Kit (Infos)

G&P XM177E2 Flashider – Clockwise (Infos)

G&P MK23 Magazine Box (Infos)

G&P MK23 Electric Drum (Infos)

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ViperTech CAR-15 (Colt Model 607) GBBR in Production

The latest video released by ViperTech is demonstrating their Adjustable Valve System (AVS), a system similar to the NPAS if you will, but I couldn’t help


Real Steel CAR-15

but notice that they are testing it on what appears to be yet another new Vietnam era replica, the CAR-15 SMG, also known as the Colt Model 607.

Like the G&P CAR-15 we reported on yesterday, the ViperTech CAR-15 appears to be true to the original design with the stumpy M16 stock and A1 triangular hand guards but unsure if the stock is adjustable. One thing I did notice is that this CAR-15 has a Forward Assist which means it’s a replica of the Colt Model 607A, either by design or accident.

So what is the CAR-15 Colt Model 607?

Colt Model 607 (1965 – 1966). The Colt Model 607 prototype had shorter versions of the M-16A1’s triangular handguards, but the ones that reached combat had round, ribbed handguards. The stock remained solid, but was shortened a little. These were made up as part of the 1965 S.A.W.S. contract.


This Model 607 was made with a retractable butt stock. It had an overall length of 26 inches with butt collapsed. The retractable butt stock resembled a shortened standard rifle butt stock, but had a two-position latch recessed in the back that allowed it to be extended and locked into position. Length of pull increased by 2.7 inches. Two additional models were produced, the 607A with forward assist and 607B with a three round burst.

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