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Review of the New APS Catapult Sights

You know – I saw these a while back and thought they were pretty cool looking. Now that I’ve got them on my KWA SR-10, I can say I’m glad I bought them.

You can get these guys at for $30 (for both front and rear rights) – here’s the link:

Now let’s take a look at these guys up close and personal.

First off, they are made of a nice metal. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s solid and the finish is quite nice as well. Secondly, they are QD sights so with a twist of the knob, they are off.

The rear sight (seen below here) is kind of like a “peep” sight you would find on a PDW or a SCAR. In general, I was not a huge fan of these, but after reviewing the WE PDW and now seeing these guys, I don’t mind them.

The rear sight folds down completely (as is shown here) and then pops up as well. The knob on the right-hand side of the rear sight allows you to adjust it as needed for windage. Unfortunately, they are not really ‘fully adjustable’, but they will do the job for most airsofters I think.

Here you can see the front sight. This one can pop up to two different settings, meaning it can be totally down, part way up, and then completely up.

Here’s a shot of them on my KWA SR-10.

And looking down the barrel.

I like these guys. They certainly are one of the most unique sights out there, and for only $30 a set, it’s a pretty great deal.

Rear sight flipped up…

and flipped down.

Looks – 9. Very unique and just over a great addition to an AEG.
Build – 8 – solid metal construction, the fact that they are QD is nice as well.
Function – 7 – a little disappointing that they are just partially adjustable, but they’ll do the job I think.

Keep on firin’,

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