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Cidasoft Airsoft Grenade Video Review

Micha sent in a heads up to us about an airsoft video review of the Cidasoft grenade done by CrazyNCman of Airsoft Answers. We missed this one out as we’re taking too much time watching online porn (kidding). crazyNCman emphasizes on the strength of the Cidasoft grenade which is the use of available household items, which you can find mainly in the kitchen. Just make sure you inform your mum you used up the baking soda and other cooking stuff.



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CidaSoft Airsoft Hand Grenade Demo at the Hooha Show

CidaSoft sent us a video on their demonstration of their Airsoft Hand Grenade during the last Hooha Military Toys Show that happened last February in Taipei. The Hooha Show showcases airsoft and militaria products and the Cidasoft guys are happy to inform you that their products have been very much well-received due to its safe operation. No details yet on availability of this at airsoft retailers.


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