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Tyr Tactical Sneaks into New 5.11 Video

5.11 Tactical produced an excellent video featuring Kyle Lamb using a full array of their clothing and equipment. However, Kyle’s plate carrier somehow went uncredited. Once we took a look at it we realized it was a Tyr Tactical LWPC. We will say that 5.11 makes a great line of tactical products and their new MultiCam lineup is very well designed. We particularly like their Rapid Assault Shirt. But, they are missing a plate carrier. We wonder if this isn’t an indication of things to come?

5.11 products are available from a wide variety of military and police outfitters. For info on their latest products visit For more info on Tyr Tactical visit

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Saturday Snapshot

You might have seen the news a couple of days ago that Italian tactical clothing maker SOD Gear is going to be offering their line-up in 3 variations of PenCott camouflage – ”GreenZone”, “Badlands” and “Sandstorm”:

Pictured above is a computer simulation of SOD’s Para Pant, Spectre Shirt, and Boonie Hat in Hyde Definition’s PenCott-Sandstorm camouflage scheme.  The photo used for the simulation was kindly provided by Military Morons.

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Asuka CIA Kameez RG In Stock

Asuka CIA Kameez RG

The Asuka Sewing FActory CIA Kameez is now back in stock at the Kabuto Online Store… “Dear Sir, Today we announce arrival of CIA KAMEEZ RG (Back in stock). This time we can get Wide size & regular size,but wide one is not enough.When you want it,please contact us soon. We make CIA kameez series imaged that CIA order to local tailor for PMC or special force in the Middle East. This series is only shirts,so we recommend to choice any Tactical Pants.


And now we have a discount sale,so you'll get them cheaper! Please access to our online shop. For a purchase of  10,000Yen  and over, you get 1000 Yen shipping discount as special gift."



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Breaking News – Australians to Adopt MultiCam for Use in Afghanistan

In a shocking decision, the Australian military announced today that they are going to conduct an extended wear trial of the MultiCam pattern for troops serving in Afghanistan. Like in the US and UK, Australian Special Operations Forces have long used MultiCam due to its increased effectiveness. Following their lead, Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare announced the change to the new pattern today at the biannual Land Warfare Conference in Brisbane. By “change” we mean the extension of the SF wear trial that has been going on for years.

“Special Forces soldiers have said this is the uniform they want to wear,” Mr Clare said. “The camouflage pattern provides troops with greater levels of concealment across the range of terrains in Afghanistan – urban, desert and green. It also makes it easier for our troops to do their job.”

The plan calls for all Australian troops going ‘Outside the Wire’ will be outfitted in MultiCam. What is really interesting is that Mr Clare discussed issuing the same uniforms used by his SOF which are the Crye Precision combat uniforms rather than the standard DPCU in a different camo pattern. However, he also stated that “I have also instructed the Defence Materiel Organisation to pursue the purchase of a licence to provide for the potential manufacture of this uniform in Australia if the extended trial is successful,” Mr Clare said. Could this be the groundwork for an Australian MTPesque creation?

Furthermore, does this initiative mean the demise of the short lived Disruptive Pattern Midpoint Uniform unveiled earlier this year? The whole point of the DPMU was to alter the DPCU’s pattern slightly to be more effective in Afghanistan. Designed by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), it combined the colors of the two uniforms the Australian Army currently uses.

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Been Looking for an A-TACS Uniform?

Well look no further. Propper and A-TACS developer Digital Concealment Systems have just announced an agreement resulting in Propper offering an ACU cut uniform in the popular A-TACS pattern. Manufactured from 65/35 Poly Cotton, the ACUs are sewn to the same exacting specs as the issue gear. This means they will hold up to tough use and there are no unknowns when it comes to sizing. Look for the new uniforms in the Spring with Boonie Hats and Combat Shirts to follow.

The Propper ACUs join load carrying equipment from Tactical Assault Gear and slings and other specialized kit from Blue Force Gear.

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Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan to get new mountain boots, MultiCam uniforms and gear

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, March 1, 2010)

Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan will be issued the new “MultiCam” fire-resistant Army Combat Uniform complete with new Mountain Combat Boots and MultiCam-patterned Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, or MOLLE, gear beginning in July.


At mobilization sites throughout the U.S., the uniform will be issued to deploying troops as part of the Rapid Fielding Initiative process, and Soldiers already in Afghanistan are scheduled to receive the MultiCam this fall.

The MultiCam uniform, while cut in the same style as the ACU, will have several upgrades including a reinforced seat, buttons on the trouser cargo pockets, be constructed of flame-resistant fabric (like the newer ACUs), and treated with permethrin. 

The decision to field and develop an alternative camouflage for uniforms in Afghanistan came out of the realization that the Army’s current Universal Camouflage Pattern, or UCP, did not meet all of the concealment needs for Afghanistan’s multiple regions.

New Mountain Combat Boots will also be issued to deploying Soldiers, which feature a tougher, more durable sole for gripping the rugged Afghan terrain.

In Afghanistan, Soldiers on a single patrol can potentially go from desert conditions, to wooded areas, villages, and rocky mountain environments. When coming up with a new camouflage color palette, PEO Soldier wanted to be sure the uniforms gave Soldiers a combat edge in each possible terrain situation.

Similar to the Battle Dress Uniform woodland print, the new MultiCam is a combination of seven different shades which “takes in surrounding colors.” A jumble of greens, browns and beige, the MultiCam camouflage presents a solution to Afghanistan’s multiple-region problem.

Beginning in September 2009, four phases of developing and testing new camouflage options were initiated: deciding on alternative uniform patterns, conducting testing and Soldier feedback, choosing a final pattern to produce, and evaluating a long-term plan for the Army Combat Uniform.

First, a unit field-tested the ACU in MultiCam alongside their standard-issue ACUs, while another tested the UCP-Delta, a digital pattern with the added color ‘coyote brown’ for better concealment. When polled, the MultiCam and the UCP-D ended up as the top two choices by Soldiers.

Then, a team representing the U.S. Army Infantry Center, PEO Soldier, Natick Labs, the Asymmetric Warfare Group, Army Special Operations Command, and the U.S. Naval Research Center traveled throughout Afghanistan to gather data on six different patterns including the UCP, UCP-D and MultiCam. They took photos of Soldiers in the six different uniforms against eight terrain conditions. From those pictures, photo simulation was created comparing the uniforms at different distances and settings.

About 750 Soldiers who had recently deployed to Afghanistan were then asked to judge the uniforms in the photos based on their detectability, blend-ability, and rank them from best to worst-the MultiCam was chosen as the best performer in all categories.

So far, three of the four phases of exploring camouflage alternatives have been completed, while the process of making a long-term decision about the ACU, and how big a role the MultiCam camouflage will play is still up for debate.

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Arc’teryx Introduces the Beta LT Pant

Arc'teryx Beta PantSeen here with the Atom LT jacket and Alpha LT shell, the new Beta LT pant is manufactured from Gore-tex Pro-Shell. It features an integrated belt as well as 3/4 length zippers to assist with donning and doffing. At 10.6 ounces when combined with the other two items, you get a cold weather package that weighs in at a scant 32 ounces total! Due to this lightweight construction, the entire set up packs down to a size smaller than a basketball. But don’t let the term lightweight fool you. I must admit I was skeptical when I first got my Alpha LT jacket. It felt so light I was worried it wouldn’t stand up to hard use but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is not only extremely well made and very strong, it also moves well with the body. Available in Crocodile sized Small – XX-Large from

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Jakpak is a modular 3-season sleeping and shelter system consisting of a jacket, shelter, and sleeping bag. While slightly bulky in this configuration, all three components can be stored inside the jacket and quickly deployed for use.

Jakpak ComponentsJacket
The hooded jacket is a simple affair manufactured from an unspecified 2-layer waterproof breathable fabric and features pit zips as well two exterior and one interior pockets. The integrated hood has a visor and pull tabs to keep foul weather out.

The detachable hooped tent uses two metal rods and covers the head and upper torso. The tent can also be used as a pack cover.

Sleeping Bag
The sleeping bag component is actually of elephant foot design and mates to the jacket via a #5 coil zipper along the rear of the mouth. Additionally, there is an angle two way zipper to facilitate entry and exit. It also allows you to fully expose the feet in order to walk around. While the bags looks to be roomy, there is also elastic at the mouth in order to keep it snug if needed and built in suspenders help support the weight. The bottom of the bag is waterproof and the top is made from an unspecified waterproof breathable fabric.

Jakpak - How it works

Jakpak is currently available in subdued two-tone Green shades, Black and Grey, as well as RealTree and a HiViz option for survival use. The mosquito net is Black but looks a dark Grey due to the mesh letting light through. Additionally, since it is based primarily on a jacket, Jakpak is sized XS (34-36) – XL (46-48).

For more info visit

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Sneak Peak: New Optifade Concealment Pattern From Gore and Sitka Gear

Although its not military camouflage, the latest variation of the Optifade Concealment camo from Gore is still interesting.  Its called “Big Game-Forest” and is designed primarily for hunting from tree stands.

The jacket shown above from Sitka is called the “Incinerator” and is due out this summer.

Thanks to Hardcore Outdoor for this sneak peak.

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Australian Uniforms to NOT be Made in China

According to an article in “The Daily Telegraph,” Australian Defense officials are poised to make a cost curbing move that could result in the loss of 400 textile jobs. A special fabric used for combat uniforms is currently manufactured in Wangaratta, Victoria by Bruck Textiles. Those opposed to the move to offshore manufacture claim that not only will the decision affect the Australian textile industry but that the material is a protected technology and that the know how to manufacture it should not be exported. Similar concerns were recently aired in the UK over Chinese manufacture of the newly adopted Multi-Terrain Pattern.

With the Berry Amendment, the US remains one of the only countries with legislation designed to maintain a domestic textile base to support defense requirements.

UPDATE: Word from Australia is that as of close of business Defence had capitulated and that no material will be produced overseas.

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