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Jakpak is a modular 3-season sleeping and shelter system consisting of a jacket, shelter, and sleeping bag. While slightly bulky in this configuration, all three components can be stored inside the jacket and quickly deployed for use.

Jakpak ComponentsJacket
The hooded jacket is a simple affair manufactured from an unspecified 2-layer waterproof breathable fabric and features pit zips as well two exterior and one interior pockets. The integrated hood has a visor and pull tabs to keep foul weather out.

The detachable hooped tent uses two metal rods and covers the head and upper torso. The tent can also be used as a pack cover.

Sleeping Bag
The sleeping bag component is actually of elephant foot design and mates to the jacket via a #5 coil zipper along the rear of the mouth. Additionally, there is an angle two way zipper to facilitate entry and exit. It also allows you to fully expose the feet in order to walk around. While the bags looks to be roomy, there is also elastic at the mouth in order to keep it snug if needed and built in suspenders help support the weight. The bottom of the bag is waterproof and the top is made from an unspecified waterproof breathable fabric.

Jakpak - How it works

Jakpak is currently available in subdued two-tone Green shades, Black and Grey, as well as RealTree and a HiViz option for survival use. The mosquito net is Black but looks a dark Grey due to the mesh letting light through. Additionally, since it is based primarily on a jacket, Jakpak is sized XS (34-36) – XL (46-48).

For more info visit

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Sneak Peak: New Optifade Concealment Pattern From Gore and Sitka Gear

Although its not military camouflage, the latest variation of the Optifade Concealment camo from Gore is still interesting.  Its called “Big Game-Forest” and is designed primarily for hunting from tree stands.

The jacket shown above from Sitka is called the “Incinerator” and is due out this summer.

Thanks to Hardcore Outdoor for this sneak peak.

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Australian Uniforms to NOT be Made in China

According to an article in “The Daily Telegraph,” Australian Defense officials are poised to make a cost curbing move that could result in the loss of 400 textile jobs. A special fabric used for combat uniforms is currently manufactured in Wangaratta, Victoria by Bruck Textiles. Those opposed to the move to offshore manufacture claim that not only will the decision affect the Australian textile industry but that the material is a protected technology and that the know how to manufacture it should not be exported. Similar concerns were recently aired in the UK over Chinese manufacture of the newly adopted Multi-Terrain Pattern.

With the Berry Amendment, the US remains one of the only countries with legislation designed to maintain a domestic textile base to support defense requirements.

UPDATE: Word from Australia is that as of close of business Defence had capitulated and that no material will be produced overseas.

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X-Camo now at Combat Sports Supply

A more digital form of the Multicam pattern so it seems… "Now at X-Camo, a unique multiple environment camoflauge that is affordable, comes in breathable ripstop material and is in the Army Combat Uniform cut style. Set yourself or your team apart from the pack with X-Camo. X-Camo is a Unique Blend of Natural Colors. Very similar to that of early WWII colors. But in a digital pattern. You will see that the X-Camo works in a wide variety of surroundings and environments. This camouflage will hide you better than ANY camouflage on the market."

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21st Century Camo Uniforms – the rest of the world

The American search for, and British selection of, a new camouflage uniform for Afghanistan has been getting lots of attention – but quite a few other countries have been also changing / upgrading their camouflage uniforms in the 21st Century. 

The first big new development was when the Canadians introduced the world to the CADPAT pixelated camouflage pattern, and in effect re-wrote the rule book of camouflage pattern design.  Then the US Marine Corps adopted a completely new style of Combat and Utility Uniform that started an irreversible fashion trend – especially once the US Army adopted a broadly similar style in the ACU, which was then copied around the rest of the world as well. 

Interestingly, although Crye Precision really stirred things up with their radically re-styled combat clothing designs and multi-terrain “MultiCam” camouflage pattern, they’ve not had the wide-ranging impact on the uniform designs of the rest of the world that CADPAT / MARPAT and the MCCUU have had.

Other big influences on the introduction of new camo uniforms have been the ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  As a result, there have been a whole lot of new desert camouflage patterns put in to service by European countries that don’t have any deserts on their home turf.

Worthy of a special note are the Russians.  Their military and para-military forces have been seen wearing a very wide range of new uniforms and camouflage patterns in recent years – this has led a lot of people to debate about what is “authentic issue” and what’s simply commercial.  The answer is that there is not such a clear line between the two – especially for special operations units, who can augment their “official issue” kit and clothing with privately (or unit purchased) items; particularly camouflage uniforms better suited to the types of operations they perform and the terrain where they operate.

What’s also especially interesting about the new Russian camo patterns is that several of them are based on revamped versions of WWII camouflage patterns – and in the case of the reversible “Chimera” uniform, even of the Waffen SS!  The German retailer W&T Tactical Assault Gear have a particularly interesting and useful page on their site that shows the very wide range of camouflage patterns available on the commercial Russian market: click here.

Looking at all the developments around the world there are some other interesting points to note as well though:   

First of all, the sheer scale of activity in this field over the past few years is quite interesting.  I’ve been a student of camouflage combat uniforms for probably something like 30 years now, and have never seen so much activity or as many new developments as have been happening in the last few years. 

But its not just about “pretty new uniforms”, what’s really cool is how the individual soldier is now more and more being rightfully treated as an integrated, multi-purpose, system and is being given a full range of modernised, focussed, mission-adaptable kit accordingly.  Its nice to see the “cannon fodder” and “bullet catcher” days of the “poor bloody infantry” being consigned to the pages of history at last. 

Secondly, “digital” has clearly become a global craze – and whilst there are many patterns that are simply re-coloured copies of CADPAT, there are also quite a few that are more interesting and innovative. And some which don’t even merit the term.  In the cases of Kazahkstan and Lebanon, they’ve already adopted patterns that are very similar to the US Army’s UCP-Delta pattern now being tested in Afghanistan.

Thirdly, its interesting to note that only the Latvian Army has followed the US Army’s lead and adopted a single “universal” camouflage pattern – but the Saab-Barracuda designed Latvian “Legoflage” is probably a more effective pattern than UCP.  In every other case, countries have chosen the more traditional route of different colourations for different environments.

On the other hand, the French have completely updated the style and features of their combat uniform – but retained the standard CCE camouflage pattern.

Finally, I’ve only included uniforms that are actually being produced and used, even if just in field trials, by military forces.  I’ve not included any that are purely commercial ventures, or that only exist as a design or computer simulation.  I also realise that this article will out-of-date 5 minutes after I publish it, so I’ll be coming back from time to time to keep it up-to-date.

Right, with all that in mind, let’s hit the road for the Strike-Hold! Camouflage World Tour…




 AUSTRIA (trial patterns)







Air Force



















FELIN Trials Uniform

New Combat Uniform



Mountain Troops Snow Camo







Army / Air Force (left), Royal Guards (right)

Civil Defence



Public Security Directorate


Navy (left), Special Forces (right)








Special Forces





Naval Special Forces


San Marco Brigade

Mountain Troops


GOI (Gruppo Operativo Incursori)




KOREA (South)







Airborne forces









Navy / Marines





trial patterns








National Police Special Action Force



Special Forces






Border Guards

Special Operations Forces



Airborne forces


GRU – VDV 45th Detached Recon Regiment (thanks to Johannes for these photos)


FSB Alpha Group











trial patterns










Special Forces


Airborne Forces


 A special thanks to the members of and the International Camouflage Uniform Society – too many to remember and mention by name – for providing such a rich source of up-to-date information.  And a very special note of thanks to Brad Turner and his excellent site Kamouflage.netits well worth a visit.

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Japan JGSDF Speckeled Camo Set

Now a good addition to the usual North American or European patterns, Royal Tiger Gear now has the Japanese Self Defense Forces pattern for your picking. This is a full Battle Dress Uniform set (blouse and trousers) and also comes with a belt. Available for US$147.00… "Japan JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defence Forces ) Camo – four-color camouflage pattern, which comprises black, earth brown and medium green clumps and dots on a tan background.


  • One set for Shirt and Pant
  • Brand NEW
  • anti Static-electricity treatment on clothes surface
  • Fast Dry Material
  • This BDU is a unique material and design.
  • JGSDF uniform is extremely difficult to get, especially a new one. We got a few set.


  • Two Chest Pockets with Velcro closure.
  • Left upper sleeves with 3 pen-holder pocket
  • Shoulder loop for rank patch / holding beret
  • camo tree branches loop ( 4 on each side ) on back of the uniform ( unique in Japanese Camo uniform )
  • Button Closure


  • Comes with a Camo Belt with Metal Belt Buckle
  • Front Pockets
  • Right Rear Pocket
  • Cargo Pocket

Material :

  • Polyester 65% Cotton 35%"

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Afghanistan Northern Alliance Lizard Pattern

We spotted this at Royal Tiger Gear and you might be interested in this Costs US$51.40, shipping costs not yet included… "Brand new set for Shirt and Pant. We sell this pattern of BDU years ago as China PLA imaginary enemy camo , since then the Afghanistan Northern Alliance modified the cutting and use them. Most people called it Afghanistan Northern Alliance Lizard Pattern Camo.


  • Upper and Lower Front Pocket
  • Button Closure
  • Button Adjustable Waist on Back


  • Front Pockets
  • Exposed-Button Cargo Pocket

Material :

  • Polyester 65% Cotton 35%"


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