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EAC M4 MOE Carbine w/ ERGO Z-Rail GBB

EAC (G&P) M4 MOE Carbine w/ ERGO Z-Rail GBB

eHobby Asia have these customised G&P Gas Blowback Rifles with the Magpul PTS MOE furniture fitted with the ERGO Z-Rail for US$410 and you can choose between Foliage Green or Olive Drab colours… "Two Piece Replacement Handguard Rail System from ERGO Grip (Falcon Industries). We would like to introduce this unique light weight and low profile of Z Rail that makes it one of the most comfortable on the market. Equipped on G&P WOCX Airsoft Blow Back Rifle Series, this baby looks sexy with whatever tactical accessories on it.


  • Based on BRAND NEW WOC X-Series G&P Custom Gas Blowback Rifle!
  • 'X' stand for "Extreme Affordable", apart from original WOC Steel Version, this series adopt Lightweight Aluminum Parts to upgrade both internal & external assembly.
  • Made by aluminum alloy with special treated to enhance its strength & durability based on WA M4 Gas Blow Back Rifle System

  • Installed WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113) – provide steadier output whilst reducing the chances of misfires
  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier
  • All parts built from lightweight Aluminum Alloy, robust but yet affordable
  • Offer Powerful 380FPS (w/ Top Gas) without modification

Custom Works:

  • MAGPUL PTS MOE® Stock (MAGPUL-033) – featuring Friction Locking Function and the Ambidextrous Sling Mount Connection Points
  • MAGPUL PTS ASAP™ Sling Mount (MAGPUL-048) – Ambidextrous Design, 180 degrees range of motion of the sling attachment point
  • MAGPUL PTS Pistol Grip (MAGPUL-047) – Storage Compartment for small objects or batteries
  • Magpul PTS Back-Up Rear Sight (MAGPUL-076) – Spring Loaded Flip-Up system, release lever can be reached on left, right & top position
  • MAGPUL AFG™ Angled Fore-Grip (MAGPUL-073) – rail-mounted forward grip/index point designed to improve weapon ergonomics and increase shooter speed and efficiency
  • MAGPUL XT Texture Rail Cover (MAGPUL-009)
  • Don’t forget to choose MS2 Multi-Mission Sling to enjoy Fast transition from Single-Point® to Two-Point configuration”

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RWC Systema PTW 9" Daniel Defence

RWC Systema PTW Daniel Defence 9 Inch

For those with enough dough to throw, you can get this custom gun based on the Systema MA1 CQB-R Max PTW as this costs US$1,353.00 at RedWolf Airsoft… “Redwolf Custom guns are known world wide for their supreme quality and performance but it is the real gems that RWC is truly famous for. RWC makes a lot of excellent pieces but once in a while something really sexy comes along. This weapon is not just good, it is not just great; this gun is a multi-tiered masterpiece with excellence on many levels.

At its core it is a Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 CQBR MAX. Designed for police and military training purposes, the Systema PTW is the ultimate rifle for airsoft lovers. Every part of the gun fits together perfectly, with precise fitting for a solid piece. More then a mere toy, real steel size, weight and real balance. With all internal components tuned for extreme performance out of the box with an M130 cylinder set cranking out over 400 fps with an excellent rate of fire and world renowned consistency and reliability. Split design type gearbox allows you to swap in and out cylinder sets very quickly to change power levels so you can separately purchase alternative cylinders for higher and lower power if you need more modularity.

The skeleton stock keeps the weapon light but offers a rock solid short type stock for rapid movement and aiming whilst maintaining a proper shouldering and comfortable cheek weld in close quarter environments. The DD 9 inch rail installed offers a compact, mid weight all metal rock solid RAS with aggressive styling. The Magpul rail panels, PTS MOE grip, RVG and set of MBUS sights add a flare of practical ergonomics blended with 21st century flashy tactical status. Topped off with a quick throw lever mounted top tier red dot reflex sight is the competition cherry on the top of this tactical short barreled rifle masterpiece.”

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RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RedWolf Airsoft has taken pains to put a fully installed one in case you don’t want to do the modding yourself… “The Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson submachine gun combined with the ASC M41A KIT gives for one of the most eye catching AEGs available. The Redwolf engineers have worked out how to subject this gun with a weathering process which endows this sci-fi gun with an all too realistic down-to-earth used look giving this gun a gritty edge. After all, colonial marines where hardly the type to use shiny new guns; their veteran status was earned by using them hard. This gun is available in a classic movie olive drab as well as a more modern style tan color scheme to suit the taste of both classicists and modernists.

One of the best features of this gun is the functional digital shot counter that deducts automatically with each round fired. A sensor in the barrel actually detects when a BB goes through and deducts the counter by 1. Shoot full auto and the counter counts down rapidly according to the rate of fire. When it hits zero, it resets back to 99 and starts the countdown again!

To create the realistic movie look, our artists painstakenly hand-weathered the exterior to match the movie gun’s look. Great for display too!

And remember kids, they’re in the ducts!”

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EAC Glock17 IPSC OP Custom

This is a eHobby Asia custom IPSC gun in Olive Drab colours which is based on the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 with Guarder enhanced upgrade. It comes with a custom metal sight mount on which an IPSC Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight is intalled. The magazine design have a capacity of 25 rounds but is still compatible with previous magazines. Priced at US$430 this also comes with a carry bag to complete the practical shooter package.

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Airsoft GI Full Metal MagPul Warrior Carbine

This is part of the latest batch of custom guns from Airsoft GI, and this one's around a whopping US$760… "The Airsoft GI Full Metal MagPul Warrior Carbine is like no other custom airsoft gun we've ever built. With the exception of the rail stystem every single piece on this gun is Magpul. This gun features Magpul's UBR stock which has six positions and is extremely sturdy compared to other retractable stocks. The MOE pistol grip is more comfortable than the standard M4 pistol grip to reduce fatigue.

The Magpul Metal body is a copy of Magpul's Billet receiver with an arched and rounded trigger guard, this body is ideal for shooters that wear gloves. The base gun is the Magpul MOE Carbine which was OEM by G&P, so internally this gun features G&P's rock solid metal gearbox and one piece metal hop up unit. There is no better AEG for Magpul fans than this new Airsoft GI custom, get yours now.


  • Manufacturer: Airsoft GI
  • Muzzle Velocity: 330-350FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 120 rounds
  • Package Includes: gun, magazine


  • Magpul UBR Stock
  • Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
  • Magpul Metal Body
  • Magpul PMag Gen 1
  • Madbull Daniel Defense Omega RIS
  • G&P Full Metal Gearbox
  • G&P Full Metal Hop Up

Please Note:

  • Gun does NOT come with Red Dot Scope, MagPul Ladder Rail Covers, or E-mag."


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Airsoft GI G4 PWS Blowback

Another custom gun from Airsoft GI… "Never before have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine M4 Blowback with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted this fine gun with the Madbull PWS Front End Conversion Kit. As a result, the final product is a CQB-range carbine with unique looks and functionality.

This is apart of a new line up of guns to be manufactured by Airsoft GI. We’ve worked out a special program with Combat Machine to build us a special pneumatic blowback M4 with a crane stock, sling mount, and the wires to the back, so we can eliminate the need for a PEQ box and keep a clean look. The Combat Machine was carefully chosen for their high quality, reliability and incredible value. We’ve dropped the G4 straight onto the ground from 8ft and 9ft with no visible damage to the body, this is the strongest plastic receiver on the market. Additionally, with the innovation and imagination from the Airsoft GI technical team we are building some of the highest quality guns that money can buy.

The Diablo is a unique design from Primary Weapon System to handle the immense pressures created from the gas flow through a 7" barrel design. The Diablo is a one of a kind, industry altering, product for the real gun market, and now thanks to Madbull and Airsoft GI there is an airsoft equivalent for you to enjoy.


  • Manufacturer: Airsoft GI, G&G
  • Muzzle Velocity: 330-350FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 450 rounds
  • Package Includes: Gun, High Capacity Magazine


  • Special Combat Machine Model Base Gun
  • Pneumatic Blowback System
  • Rail Interface System
  • Rear Sling Mount
  • Crane Stock, wired to rear
  • 450 rounds Magazine

Please Note:

  • Scope and Angled Fore-grip are not included.
  • Battery and Charger not included.
  • This product is covered under a 30 days warranty against workmanship and defect, for more details contact Airsoft GI."


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Magpul-G&P PTS MOE Custom AEG

Another one from eHobby Asia with this custom G&P AEG laden-with Magpul furniture. Now if you can just find enough cash to collect all these Magpul-G&P custom AEGs to turn your mates green with envy. As always, it is a 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG with full Metal Aluminium Diecasting Body (MAGPUL Type / LIMITED EDITION).­

This custom Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) from G&P consolida­ted gearbox and internal custom parts and is ready to go for 360FPS without modification.

Features of G&P CQB/R:

  1. G&P Aluminium Flash Hider & One-Piece Outer Barrel
  2. G&P Reinforced 8mm Bearing Gearbox
  3. G&P Metal Hop Up Chamber
  4. Mini Type Connector Front Wire Set for Rechargeable Battery

MAGPUL PTS Custom Upgrade Works:

  • G&P Magpul Type Metal Body (GP928) – Licensed Lower Frame from MAGPUL PTS
  • MAGPUL PTS Pistol Grip with heat sink end cap (MAGPUL-032) – Improved Ergonomics and Non-Slip Rough Texture on both sides and rear backstrap
  • MAGPUL PTS MOE Handguard (MAGPUL-036) – Fit up to 9.6V Rechargeable Battery
  • MAGPUL AFG™ Angled Fore-Grip (MAGPUL-073) – rail-mounted forward grip/index point designed to improve weapon ergonomics and increase shooter speed and efficiency
  • ERGO Polymer Handguard Rail
  • MAGPUL PTS ASAP™ Sling Mount – Ambidextrously Design and giving a shooter over 180 degrees range of motion of the sling attachment point
  • MAGPUL PTS MOE Stock (MAGPUL-033) – featuring Friction Locking Function and the Ambidextrous Sling Mount Connection Points
  • PMAG™ (Polymer Magazine) (MAGPUL-030) – One-piece molded polymer body resists denting, eliminates spot welds/joints, and improves durability when dropped or crushed
  • Magpul PTS Back-Up Rear Sight (MBUS) – Spring Loaded Flip-Up system, release lever can be reached on left, right & top position

  • Fit to store up to 9.6V Mini Type Battery on Handguard ( Battery not included )
  • Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP
  • ONE PIECE Outer Barrel over very solid weapon frame
  • Clockwise 14mm is able to attach any barrel extension tube (silencer)
  • Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target"


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Limited Edition RWC-GWS Custom Bomber XM177E1

One of the latest RedWolf Airsoft custom guns… "Using a CNC milled XM177 Metal Body from Bomber Airsoft, the XM177E1 Redwolf Custom in association with Guns Workshop has custom built this limited edition Gas Blowback Carbine for Bomber. CNC milled from 6063 Aluminum, the body is extremely robust is has very little wobble. The XM177E1 does not feature any rails for attachment of advanced optics, instead it has opted to stick with the most basic setup with the integral carry handle/iron sights. Weathered to look as though its been through a tour of Vietnam shilst maintaining its structural integrity.

The XM177E1 is extremely lightweight compared to other Armalites, and features a slab sided body. With its CNC milled aluminum body, steel bits, and ABS furniture, the Limited Edition Custom XM177E1 from Bomber Airsoft is worth every single cent!

Length (Retracted): 606mm

Length (Extended): 705mm

On Top Gas, the Bomber XM177E1 is capable of achieving up to 380fps.

Whilst on HFC134a the XM177E1 reaches 295fps.

Extremely Limited in Supply, so if you want one, place your order NOW!"

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Redwolf Custom Shrike MG Deluxe

Now for those who prefer to rock and roll, this baby from RedWolf Airsoft would give you the kicks… "Hot hot HOT from the forges of RedWolf Custom comes the distinctively handsome Shrike MG. This deluxe version features upgrades and externals that will make your mouth water just thinking about it! Using the Hurricane Shrike Machine Gun Kit, our smithies custom built the rest to perfection.

Ran by the Systema Magnum motor, Deep Fire’s Titanium Series V2. Piston, an M150 Taper Spring from Systema, and with a 509mm long precision inner barrel from Prometheus, the RWC Shrike MG Deluxe is more than likely able to shoot the eyebrows off the opfor!

Externally the Shrike comes with a 2400rds auto-winding box mag for your shooting pleasure, the extended precision barrel sits within the very sleek King Arms OPS CQB model dummy silencer. A Magpul PTS MIAD grip and a PTS UBR stock has been fitted to promote the utmost comfort whilst shooting, and a 551 type Reticule Sight from G&P has been fitted for instant target acquisition. Thats not all though as a PEQ IV laser has also been fitted, perfect for obnoxiously "lasing" your target for friendlies to see. The RedWolf Custom Shrike MG Deluxe is extremely light when compared to other MGs but nevertheless, a VFC Extreme Tactical Bipod has been fitted, allowing you to lie down and lay out a wide beaten zone!

The RedWolf Custom Shrike MG Deluxe comes with a Madbull LFP 12.8v Battery as well as the proprietary LFP Charger from Madbull."

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