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Battle of the Battle Rifle Grips: Grauer IGRS

When Ward and I attended the ITI tactical shooting course a few weeks ago, instructor Brandon Wright, taught us a new way to grip the rifle with our support hand by canting our wrists and throwing the thumb over the barrel. Grauer-IGRS That’s great when you’re using a forward grip like the Magpul Angled Fore Grip, but as we reported in March, some people like to use (and teach) the “horizontal hold” using the magazine well with grip support. EMA Tactical developed a couple solutions to this technique, and we just ran across another innovative look at how to better stabilize your battle rifle using the magwell for a grip.

The Grauer Integrated Grip Rail System takes the EMA product a step further by basically taking over the magwell entirely. The beefy grip is designed to:

“make it easier to maneuver and control the weapon when holding with just the non-shooting hand … [and] also further enhances the traditional ‘horizontal hold’ by providing a more ergonomic way to apply rearward pressure for better weapon control.

So, whether shooting while standing, prone, over a barrier or around a doorway, whether maneuvering through tight spaces or on patrol, the IGRS is the ultimate weapon enhancement platform for the warfighter.

The other thing the new IGRS has it a so-called “flared magazine funnel” which aids in quicker reloads. The grip also has “internal wire routing” that allows the operator to integrate light and laser optic switches directly into the grip.

It’s a big piece of gear (Grauer recommends a trained dealer install it for you) and at $499, it’s also pretty Gucci on price. But with the battle over battle rifle grips taking shape, solutions like this are surely going to vy for the vert grip supremacy.

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