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VFC Dummy M26 Grenade Gas Charger

More variety to the dummy grenade gas charger from Landwarrior Airsoft to make you looking tactical than the usual gas cans… "If you are like us, then you like to run out into the fields for your skirmishing, leaving behind your massive green gas / top gas bottles at base camp. The problem with that is when you use your gas blowback pistol in the field and run out of gas, you have to run back all the way to base in order to recharge your pistol. What a pain! But who wants to carry around a massive gas bottle that will destroy your style?

VFC came up with this nice aesthetically pleasing solution. This M26 fragmentation grenade is actually a mini gas charger. It works much like a cigarette lighter in that you first have to charge gas into through the valve on the bottom. The grenade itself acts as a hold reservoir until you need it to charge your gas pistol in the field. This dummy grenade gas charger holds enough gas for a complete refill of your pistol magazine. To charge your gas pistol, simply unscrew the top cap to reveal the charging nozzle. Use this grenade to charge your gas pistol and you are back in action! Screw everything back up and hook it back on your vest in style! The safety pin and spoon also work if you want to handle it like a real grenade!

High quality full metal construction."

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