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Show Notes for Ep.123

Broadcast Date: 9/16/2010
Staff: Radar, Alphawolf
Size: 41.0Mb
Length: 1h:29m:35s
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Table of Contents

OPSEC Airsoft News

East Coast Shuffle

Well, after 10 months hiatus and a few very big changes, we’re officially back. As you may or may not know, Radar is now based out on the East Coast while Alphawolf and the rest of the OPSEC crew remain on the West Coast. Through the wonders of modern technology, we strive to make this transition as seamless as possible, which tonight we will test.

Forums Re-Relaunch

Our forums are like a yo-yo… up and down, up and down. We’ve finally moved to our very own forum that should sustain us for years to come. The best part of this move is that we transitioned most of the old data over as well as the user accounts. If you had an account way back when, chances are you still do. There are plenty of swanky new features, social media logins and content sharing functions. A little too nice for the likes of us! Head on over and check it out:

Airsoft Items of Interest


Source: Airsoft Extreme

NEW!  From KWA are the MP9 and the MP9R.  These are constructed with a Fiber Reinforced Polymer body to handle the most extreme conditions with a steel outer barrel. Each has a side folding stock to allow a more stable long distance shooting and a flat top weaver style rail on top for just about any optic of your choice.  The two models slightly vary as the MP9 version has a built in vertical grip, while  the MP9R has a under rail to attach whatever grip or accessories you may wish.

KSC X Magpul FPG Complete Gun
Source: Popular Airsoft

We saw a “Ready to Fight” Magpul FPG with holster package, sans the KSC Glock pistol and now here’s another “complete” one from WGC, though this would be a better package since it has the KSC glock already installed, you just need to purchase the Beta Project FPG holster from somewhere else. This costs US$403.00 shipping costs not included.

Echo1 Blowback AK74 Airsoft AEG

This amazing new release by Echo1 has all the features and performance you’d expect on an AK AEG and more. Full metal body, real wood furniture, folding stock, great performance and blowback are the features you want to take note. Heard rumors about shortage of Airsoft guns? Echo1 and has your back covered!

Package Includes: Wolverine AEG, Battery, Charger.
AK / Version 3 (Tokyo Marui compatible)
Muzzle Velocity:
380~420 FPS
Magazine Capacity:
600 rounds high capacity magazine. (6mm airsoft BBs)
Effective Range:
100~120 feet
Short Type, High Torque

– Full Metal Stamped Steel Receiver and Receiver Cover.
– Full metal Upgraded AK V.3 Reinforced Gearbox (TM-compatible)
– AK74 Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider
– Blowback Action.
– Laminated Wood Foregrip
– Steel Skeleton Side Folding AK Stock.
– High Torque Motor
– AK Side Rail Mount
– Adjustable Sight and sling hook.
– Full Metal outer barrel assembly

Guay & Guay: Femme Fatale AEG

Silvia from G&G Armament sent in their news about their latest creation:

G&G is proud to announce the newest limited edition Femme Fatale 16!

This limited edition is based on G&G GR16 with a feminine touch, pink color and special design logo on the lower receiver. Every Femme Fatale 16 has her own unique serial numbers and exclusive designed sale-box. Since G&G only produced 1, 000 PCs for this product, we have to put a quota on each region. The pre-order begins now, contact your local dealer for more information!

A&K: Shotgun Series
Source: sent in some interesting news for all the fans of cheaper but quality replicas out there:

The new A&K Shotgun Series in pre-order on a big wholesaler in HK. They're Full Metal Spring operated. The two signed with a red triangle are gas operated.

Guay Guay: 2010 Photo Contest

How'd you like to win sweet & free G&G gear AND maybe make it into next year's G&G product catalog? Send in your photos to the G&G photo contest and make it happen, cap'n! Deadline is Oct 8th, so don't delay!

Dear G&G’s valuable customers, the G&G annual photo contest “Show Yourself “ is back again! This year G&G has included one more video contest, so why don’t you bring your camera and shoot for your favorite G&G product. The chosen winners of the contest would not be only winning the exciting prizes, but also the works may be showed up for next year’s G&G product catalogues and any Airsoft events!

OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary

Pouch Mule

Definition: A player who prepares for every possible on or off field situation by unnecessarily overloading their primary rig with pouches and equipment.

Example: “Check out Doug, he must have every inch of MOLLE covered with a pouch on that CIRAS!”

Main Topic: The Gear Sweet Spot

Gearing up for a game or event is an intensely personal and almost "zen-like' moment for the dedicated milsim player. That fact alone nearly nullifies this entire main topic as it's OPSEC's official stance that you make your own game (guns & gear included), but we have come across quite a few milsimers when hitting the field that either put too much thought into their gear (Pouch Mules) or just didn't do enough (SOCOMers).  In this episode, we want to cover both sides of the coin and do our part in helping players find that gear-sweet-spot… light enough to maneuver but equipped enough to handle most field situations.

Points of Interest:

  • Airsoft is a fashion show
  • Ops vs pickup games
  • How long are you in the field?
  • How close are you to the vehicles/staging area?
  • Weather
  • Chest rig vs Plate carrier
  • Weaponry
  • Hydration
  • Mission Set
  • Your role?
  • Secondary/Backup setup.

Shameless Plugs

Ferdinand from S-Thunder sent in news about their new line of stand alone grenade launchers:


S-Thunder ( is pleased to announce the launch the
first in a new series of grenade launchers.

S-Thunder's "short barrel" Pistol Grip Composite Grenade Launcher
(Item ref # ASG-SB01) is first entry level release in this new product
line. Highlights of the new grenade launcher are as follows,
- Entry level unit (Item ref # ASG-SB01) of a new line of single
barrel grenade launchers from S-Thunder
- Pistol type grip grenade launcher
- Easy to use and comfortable to hold
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$69.99 (*) -
making S-Thunder's grenade launcher one of the world's most affordable
grenade launchers
- Body is made of a durable engineered composite material allowing
the grenade launcher to be durable, light weight and easy to carry
- Trigger pull and hammer force are ideal for use with CO2 powered
grenades as well as grenades charged with HPA/Top Gas/Green Gas/Red
Gas/R134A etc. Trigger is not excessively "tight" and the lighter
trigger force will significantly "reduce" a player's reaction time
when firing at stationary or moving targets
- Accommodates all 40mm diameter paintball / airsoft grenade shells
including S-Thunder's 40mm Shocker M203 style grenade shells and CO2
powered foam ball grenades
- Breech loading allows for fast reloading
- Safety and release switch is included in unit as an added safety
- Interchangeable pistol AR grip - users can customize the grenade
launcher grip by changing the standard M4 / M16 style pistol grip with
other AR grips available in the marketplace

S-Thunder is also launching its Pistol Grip Composite Grenade
Launcher Kits. These are affordable grenade launcher kits for players
and S-Thunder will offer two (2) styles of kits as follows,

Grenade Launcher Kit #1 - Item ref # AGL-SB21 includes,
"short barrel" Composite Grenade Launcher (Item ref # ASG-SB01)
- one (1) Gas Powered Foam Ball Grenade Shell
- one (1) Single Cartridge CO2 Cylinder
- one (1) CO2 Cylinder Adaptor nozzle
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$149.99 (*)

Grenade Launcher Kit #2 - Item ref # AGL-SB21-A includes,
- "short barrel" Composite Grenade Launcher (Item ref # ASG-SB01)
- one (1) Gas Powered Grenade Shell (short M203 style)
- one (1) Single Cartridge CO2 Cylinder
- one (1) CO2 Cylinder Adaptor nozzle
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$149.99 (*)

Demonstration videos and media reviews of the Composite Grenade
Launcher can be seen here,

Airsoft Retreat, USA (

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