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Show Notes for Episode 127

Broadcast Date: 2/17/2011
Staff: Radar, Alphawolf
Guests: Haggerty, TJ & Zach
Location: Man Hole 4.0
Size: 99.1Mb
Length: 1h:48m:14s
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Table of Contents

OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary


1) A player who fixes an obscene amount of patches to their gear.
2) A player who sports multiple patches, shirts, hats, etc from airsoft companies they have no official association with.

"Take a look at <players name>, could he fit any more patches on that ruck? What a billboard."

Patches are fun and a conversation piece, but when every inch of velcro is covered by a patch, you’ve gone too far and look like a douche. Moreover, you are allowed to love your favorite retailer/site/shop/etc but when you start sporting multiple pieces of company swag you have just become a walking advert. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be sure you are well aware of what you have become… their free billboard.

Airsoft Items of Interest

Western Arms Punisher 1911 GBB Pistol

The SOCOM Gear Punisher 1911 now has competition with a version released by Western Arms and available at eHobby Asia for US$495.00 which of course is a steeper price to pay. The grip panels sport a black logo rather than a golden one in the SOCOM Gear version. But if you prefer the Western Arms over the SOCOM Gear, then be prepared to pay more.

“The 1911 pistol is considered by many gun collectors and veterans to be the greatest self-loading pistol ever made and the grandfather of the modern handgun, which despite its age is still used alongside modern pistols today. Designed by John Moses Browning in 1910 with patent dates going as far back as 1897, the .45 caliber pistol was adopted into the U.S. military arsenal February 14, 1911. Browning had combined traits of his former pistols and built a prototype around the recently-developed .45 ACP round. The end result was the M1911.

Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) uses a pair of heavily customized M1911A1s as his main sidearms in the film.

* Western Arms Punisher 1911 Airsoft GBB Pistol
* Western Arms SHIBUYA CUSTOM WORKS (Hi-Spec Ver.3 – Fixed Hop-Up) Airsoft Replica
* ‘MAGNA’ Blow Back System
* Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic
* Built with Heavy Weight slide & lower frame with Metal Barrel
* Non-slip Texture grip with Logo Emblem Tag
* Allow 23 Rounds Loading Capacity R-TYPE Magazine
* Come with Tightbore 6.03mm Barrel for precision shooting
* White Dot Rear (Novak night sights) and Front Sight
* Authentic Western Arms Product & MADE IN JAPAN

NOTES: Recommend to use HFC134A Gas (or lower pressure gas) to operate the pistol, Top Gas might harm the gun slide due to heavy recoil.”

GHK AKM GBB Full Steel & Wood

Source: Popular Airsoft

For those who are looking forward to another GHK gas blowback rifle, CWI Airsoft of Taiwan is now taking pre-orders of the GHK AKM GBB. This is made of full steel with real wood furniture. This is expected to arrive in March 2011, so if you want to be one of the first to have this, better place your order. Price is US$421.26.

* “2011 GHK All New Design
* Heavy Recoil Gas Blow Back System
* Full Steel and Real Wood, just Like the real thing
* Full Steel Gas Mag
* Highly Replica appearance and action
* Enhanced airflow air-Nozzle
* Gas Bolt Stop when empty the Mag ( Set up by Switch on top of gas mag)
* Very High Performance
* Adjustible Hop Up”

Madbull: Daniel Defense SA85/L85 Licensed Rail System

Guys from Madbull have released a new accessory for your favorite toy. If your poison is the SA80/L85, than the fully licensed Daniel Defense rail system for it should be just perfect, more bellow:

MadBull fully licensed SA80 (L85) rail system. MadBull SA80 RIS is the only licensed and true 1:1 scale Daniel Defense rail system. Daniel Defense was awarded the contract for the SA80 RIS by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defense) and is currently the sole producer for the UK MOD. The MadBull SA80 RIS features full picatinny rails for mounting optics, grips, lights, etc. The SA80 RIS is constructed of CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized coating. The SA80 RIS also features a swinging top rail for battery access.
Complete your modern UK SA80 load out with our MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 fully licensed rails. The MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 RIS will be available for: ICS, G&G, and
Army Armament SA80 (L85) AEGs.

Airsoft Infidels: Turning geardo’s into heroes Vol. 2

Feb 14th 2011 London, The second book in the series for all budding Airsoft players, geardos and Milsim enthusiasts AIRSOFT INFIDELS – The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography: Book Two will be released this month. Published by, 80 pages, full colour, the book is a brand new collection of the very best in Airsoft and Milsim photography from around the world and features teams in action, load outs, scenarios, players and kit.

Aidan Minter, a UK Airsoft player and author of the book describes the book as “ another dose of pure Airsoft and Milsim eye candy for your coffee table”. This time round the book provides an insight into the Vietnam airsoft scene as well as milsim games played at a disused underground Titan missile silo. if you’re into tactical Airsoft and Milsim then this book will provide some great inspiration to players all over the world”

AIRSOFT INFIDELS – The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography: Book Two is the second book in the Infidel series created from photographs submitted by Airsoft players and professional photographers. The books ultimate goal is to present the best photographs together in one medium and share the passion, expertise and dedication of the photographer and Airsoft / Milsim player via stunning photography.

The book is supported with a website found at and a new range of Airsoft Infidel merchandise is due for Spring. Updates on all things Airsoft Infidel related can be tracked on via the authors signature “alliedagent”.

Airsoft Infidels

GunFire: Zeta Labs Mosin available NOW!

Source: Airsoft
Bartek from GunFire, kindly sent the introduction of the Zet Labs Mosin-Nagant to, the EU market. Mosin is arguably one of the most bad-ass weapons ever made, at least as far as the original goes, think, rude, crude but effective and don’t forget, no safety! More as usual, right bellow:

This time I would like to update airsoftnews readers about unique Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant M1944 used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. The replica is now available in Gunfire shop!

Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant M1944

Replica of Mosin is made of wood and metal components. Body and barrel cover are made of wood while sights, outer barrel, chamber, trigger set, magazine and other elements are made of metal. Sliding bayonet is made of durable ABS and can be disassembled.

Maint Topic: Starting an Airsoft Team

So I have been getting bombarded on the forum and via the contact forms by airsofters asking how to get an airsoft team started. I didn’t really give it much thought initially, but come to think of it, for a new player wanting to get his own team rolling, it is a bit daunting to get a handle on a jumping off point. I, like many team leaders I would imagine, just kind of bumbled our way around getting a team going when we started out. Trial and error is the best learning method, but if I can help fellow ‘softers avoid going through what I did, then rock on.

After all these years, I have learned a thing or two and with the players making all the requests, I took the opportunity to write an article over on my personal website with a few pointers that I think would help players get their new team in the right direction. Here is an excerpt from the article to wet your taste buds with the full article available here.

Points of Interest

OPSEC Airsoft Mailbag

We get alot of emails from our listeners… most are positive, some are correcting errors and the rest are less than cordial to say the least. From time to time we get the rare gold nuggets that we wish to share with the rest of you, enjoy:

From: David R.
I have been listening to alot of the old shows and I’m seeing a pattern of deep hate for the M4 and M16. Why you guys drinking the haterade?

From: Ashley B.
What ever happened to Tak? You guys seriously need female voice on the show!

From: Rob
I just started getting serious about milsim and I’m finally ready to take the plunge and get quality gear. What are a few of your favorite companies and what should I avoid?

From: ‘Sniper’
I’ve honestly tried like 3 times to listen to your show and I don’t get it. My friends love it but it’s all noise to me. Help me out.

OPSEC Station News

Meaningless internal news about this black hole of suck.

KWA KMP9 Raffle Postponed

Unfortunately, we were notified by Paypal this morning that raffles violate their Acceptable Use Policy so we cannot accept funds from the sales of raffle tickets. This policy was completely unknown to us. For the time being, the raffle has been postponed and refunds have been issued. I know, this sucks and we apologize profusely for this error. No ETA on when we’ll fire up the raffle machine again.

Shameless Plugs

Zach Jorrisch

Hey Ospec I was wondering if you would mention my website in your next radio show. You can just take
information on what to say from the about page.
This would be much appreaciated.



Plug Title
Replica Canadian Frag Vest Group Buy

Related Link

Plug Details
Replica Canadian Frag Vest Project
The once in a lifetime opportunity has come around for Milsim players
who enjoy their Canadian Kit. RustySniper of Airsoft Canada is working
to get a group buy together to get replica Canadian Frag Vests made in
your choice of CADPAT TW or Arid. We need your help to get the
required numbers to make this project a go.

Price will be $140 CAD
More info directly from RustySniper can be found here.

On going discussion is taking place here.

To directly contact RustySniper with questions or concerns he can be
reached via pm on Airsoft Canada
Or at this address

Prototype without TW or Arid Fabric

Issue CADPAT TW Frag Vest

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