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Revision Eyewear Introduces The Vipertail

Revision Eyewear Vipertail

Just released last week, Revision Eyewear unveils the Vipertail which can be readily used for everyday use as it does not look too tactical. But still it still has the same level of protection that shooters and airsoft players look for. So you can look cool in the skirmish field and in the high street. For now, you can buy it at their online store.

“Civilian style for all-day, on-the-job comfort and protection:

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Dr. Airsoft Review of the Revision Bullet Ant

Dr. Airsoft Revision Bullet Ant

Airsoft Medicine with Dr. Airsoft  with their latest eye protection for airsoft review… "Revison Military's Bullet Ant goggles provide the airsoft bb protection of Revision Military eyewear in a lighter form. Although they can survive direct hit, they can allow bb's to pass through the seal if a bb hits in the right place. See other Airsoft Medicine vdeos for more information on airsoft safety and protection."

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Why I only use ESS Goggles.

The staff, training facilitators, marketing dept, interns and owners of NAFOM 
only use ESS goggles
And here is why.
Last January, before the epic trip to Las Vegas for my 24th SHOT show began, we did a little testing in Texas.
Using a 350 fps Strafer
Now this little beasty puts out 175 .25G 6mm airsoft bb’s per second
(Yes, everyone should own one, get yours at
    So, we placed a set of the new (at that time) ESS  Profile Airsoft w/ Cortex Clip 
on to a poor, defenseless, Styrofoam head  that we just happened to have laying around 
(don’t ask)
Here are some pictures after unloading 400 rds into the Goggles
 Before, nice clean goggles
 After, 400 rds, I would say at least 200 hit the goggles, goggles were about 15 ft from the muzzle.
Nothing got thru, not one, this was impressive.
 Lots of marks, 
I would replace the lens before using them again,
but not one bb made it through.

Mr Foam Head gave his life for this test
I, for one would like to thank him for his sacrifice.
I think now you can see why I only use ESS, 
I don’t have anyone to pay my medical bills but me, if I use inferior goggles and I get hurt.
You can’t replace a lost eye, when people chose to use untested or cheap goggles they are showing a deep disrespect for the other players on the field along with putting themselves at risk.
Go to the ESS website and check them out for yourself.
This was not a paid review, the goggles were given to me by ESS for testing 
and I was told to publish what ever I found out about them. 
Good or bad.
All I found was good and I looked for something bad!
I will only use ESS for all my eyewear needs.
They are the only big name company that make specific goggles for the airsoft market.
They tested them and they did right by us airsofters.
They are also great guys, and that’s just icing on the cake and boy, do I love cake
Come to think of it, Mr Foam head looks like icing, were did I put that thing?
Bottom line, buy ESS Goggles if you care about being able to see after a head shot.
I have a video,  I will get it cut and added soon, 
hey, it only took me 11 months to get this posted, 
so I am doing good.
Many thanks to Sam at X Caliber Tactical for the Strafer, bb’s and back yard
and for putting up with an old man. 

As a side note, last year I was wearing a set of the ESS advancers while riding my front yard mower
(yes I have one for the front and one for the back, doesn’t everyone?)

I hit a huge rock
( yes, I had on safety eye wear, but was listening to dean martin on my ipod thingy so I was distracted.)
The rock chip ricocheted off the lawn edging and hit the right lens of my Advancers,
Cracked the lens, but had I been using a cheaper pair of glasses, or none at all, I would be  in a good position for using a pirate costume for Halloween each year from then on.
Like seat belts, you never know when they will save you.

I don’t always skirmish, but when I do, I only wear ESS
Till tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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New Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear

Revision New Sawfly Military Eyewear

PRESS RELEASE. Essex Junction, VT, USA – Revision, leading developer of protective eyewear for military and law enforcement forces worldwide, introduces the completely redesigned Sawfly Military Eyewear System. The new Sawfly Eyewear features a redesigned frame, Comms Compatible arms, new Comfort Nosepiece, an extended lens and new retention system. The result is a superior eye protection product that provides optimal comfort, fit and gear compatibility without compromising ballistic performance, optics or durability.

The system’s multiple changes provide significant end-user gains; the Sawfly Eyewear’s redesigned frame not only features an aggressive new look but it facilitates lens changing with the new quick-change lens system. New Comms Compatible arms are leaner and longer for the utmost comfort, equipment compatibility and retention; their overmolded undercarriage provides shock absorption and grip while their thinner profile ensures that hearing protection works as designed. The eyewear’s new Comfort Nosepiece has been reengineered for enhanced comfort, retention and durability; it features a softer durometer nosepad which provides added grip and cushioning. The Sawfly’s new extended lens provides greater lateral lens coverage for full side-impact protection—without compromising airflow and anti-fog performance. Finally, the system’s new Secure-Snap retention band clips firmly into the frame, keeping eyewear in place, even during high activity missions.

Like its predecessor, the new Sawfly Military Eyewear System provides the same superior ballistics, exceeding ANSI Z87.1-2010 and military ballistic impact requirements MIL-PRF-31013, clause and MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10; the same flawless optics for distortion-free vision; and the same rugged durability to protect and perform through all the rigors of combat.

The two-lens Sawfly U.S. Military Eyewear System makes its debut at the 2010 AUSA Annual Meeting with a retail price tag of $89.99 MSRP—the same best-value price as the previous model. The three-lens Sawfly Eyewear Deluxe Kit retails for $119.99 MSRP, also with no price increase. Available December 1, 2010.

For full product details visit

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JT QLS Thermal Lens CLR

New eye protection gear at Airsoft Extreme… "The QuickLock (QLS) thermal lens prevents fogging by offering two panes of Poly-carbonate plastic and is easier to change than any other lens on the market. To install you simply slide the lens into the frame of your goggle, twist the lock rings and you are ready to go. The QLS offers complete impact protection and has been tested at twice the field velocity levels for your safety and exceeds every industry standard.

  • Fog resistant thermal lens
  • Poly-carbonate scratch resistant plastic
  • Works with all QuickLock goggle systems
  • Thoroughly tested to industry standards"

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