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AEG Wizard: Burst Wizard LV

imageYou may notice a new supporter for the site with the website AEG Wizard. I thought I’d add some information about their invention.

According to their press release the Burst Wizard LV allows you to easily retrofit a burst unit to your own AEG. The simple addition allows you to tune burst fire, enforce single shot or slow down the rate of fire on an AEG. Not bad for 40USD:

AEG Burst Wizard was invented for Airsoft hobbyists who want to have more functions, fun and safety when playing the AEG games. We know most players would like to have more capabilities especially more firing modes out of their guns besides just semi-auto and full-auto modes. Up until now, adding more firing modes like the 3 round burst and sniper mode to their guns require significant rework to the gearbox assembly and certain level of skill to achieve them.


But with AEG Burst Wizard from, adding 3 round burst and other safety features to any of their AEGs can be achieved in seconds. As a matter of fact, the AEG Burst Wizard is a plug and play computer controlled MOSFET controller that instantly transforms any of their AEGs into a 3 round burst gun. But that is not all it does for hobbyists to enhance the value of their guns! Here are some of it’s other popular features that hundreds of hobbyists around the Airsoft world are talking about:

1) Sniper mode for DMR or any AEGs (1 second delay between trigger pulled)
2) ROF change from 100% down to 50% or lower for safety and mimicking the real steels
3) MOSFET soft starting to enhance the life of gearbox and motor
4) Burst mode active braking and precision burst count tuning
5) Trigger switch arcing reducer function without needing to rewire the electrical interface
6) Small size 2.2"L x 0.6"W x 0.4"H  ( 5.6 cm L x 1.5 cm W x 1 cm H)
7) Announce the battery voltage within 0.1 V accuracy. Now they know the health of the battery installed
8) Keep the full auto mode capability but has an option to disable full auto mode altogether
9) LIPO battery low voltage cut off protection to extend the useful life of their valuable battery
10) At only USD $39.99 (half the price compared to other MOSFET products)

Best Regards, Kong (AEG Wizard)

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ReconRag March edition–new look magazine

Recon-Rag is back with it’s new look March edition:

Our 100% FREE airsoft magazine just got bigger and better! We’ve had a bit of a face lift, but all the great features are still there

imageContent’s include
News from the Front
SRC – G36C Review
Reader’s Letters
My Favourite Scene
Browning Hi-Power Review
Cactus Hobbies’”‘ Templar Mask
SAC Ardeer Site Review
Browning 1911 – 2011
Gadget & Games
Undercover Buy & Sell
Airsoft Photography
Tech Talk
Spot the Sniper
Airsoft Mum
VSR-11 Review
Infant-ry report
Gangster Strip
modify M4 Tremors Review
Klarus Torch Review
Movie Time
60 Second Review
Mad Max Shotgun Review
BOL Tank Review
Recon News
KSC Glock 17 review

and now it’s even easier to advertise with us! Email : to find out. (Recon-Rag)

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S-Thunder & GreyOps New Year’s prize giveaway

S-Thunder and GreyOps are running a New Year prize giveaway:

S-Thunder hopes everyone has had a wonderful Christmas.

To continue this festive season and in celebration of the New Year, S-Thunder has teamed up with GreyOps ( in a special New Year’s prize competition and to give 2011 a great bang, S-THUNDER & GREYOPS ARE GIVING AWAY TWO (2) GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!!


As demonstrated by S-Thunder and media reviewers / testers from around the world, S-Thunder’s grenade launchers are compatible with all 40mm grenade shells and S-Thunder’s M203 style shells which can fire a variety of projectiles including paintballs (.43, .50, .68 cal), bb’s, pepper balls, smoke powder, paint / water, foam rockets etc which can be seen here,

Just become a FAN of S-THUNDER’s FACEBOOK PAGE at and visit to for specific details and to enter the contest!

S-Thunder wishes everyone a fantastic and safe holiday season!

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder Limited)

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Introducing Camoholic

imageCamoholic is a camouflage obsessed manufacturer:

Dear Arnies Airsoft Members: We are a group of Airsoft freaks wanted to utilize camouflage pattern in their daily life.  We come up with some new products with attention in details.

Our first products are protective case for iPhone4 and iPad in five modern camo patterns as well as two solid colors.


The colors are:  A-Tacs, ACU, Desert Digital, Marpat and Multicam, as well as two solid colors: Desert Tan, Coyote Brown.  We only use Licensed camouflage coating.  I might also say the new A-Tacs goes very well with the Italian Vegetato camo.

We dare to say we have an edge over the others, we used solid Coyote Brown / Desert Tan polymer to make the product and we also show you the back with our printed logo.


The edges are chamfered and there is no nasty visible molding line you can see when you are holding the cases. 

The Solid color iPad case is coated with rubberized finishing to ensure a good hold and solid case i-phone case is finished with textured matted clear coat finish.


We also have a few projects underway and will update to the airsoft community when they are finished.  Please check our web site for more fun stuff.

Regards, Michael Tam, Camoholic Sales Manager.

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Gorilla Airsoft Radio podcast episode 21 available now

image[4]We were a little surprised to discover we’d been missing out on  Gorilla Airsoft Radio’s podcasts, how had we not heard of them before? Their 21st episode is available now along with their previous episodes on iTunes:

Episode # 21 of the Gorilla Airsoft Radio Podcast is now available for download on Itunes or check it out at our website

This week the topics of discussion are dominated by Call of Duty, Black Ops, and it’s relationship to the Airsoft world. Plus, we cover Zombie Targets, a new video from Dr Airsoft, and more Cybergun news. What more could you ask for?

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

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Begadi update webshop

imageBegadi have been making some improvements to their webshop:

Begadi made a big update on their international shop (

During last weeks the design and category structure has been improved, so that customers can find products better and faster in the shop.


And now during last 1-2 days there has been done a big update on countries & shipping costs. Begadi now ships to more countries and the shipping costs has been lowered in / to much countries (Greece and Bulgaria for example over 50%). Also there is COD (Cash on delivery) possible now for more countries – in total Begadi can send COD now to 12 countries in their international shop.


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CQB radio MiniCast 19.5 available now

It’s MiniCast time at CQB radio:

Hey Arn, MiniCast 19.5 is here.

Download it at or on iTunes.

Here’s what we’ve got for you.
– Correspondence: Emails from CQB Radio listeners and from retailers and manufacturers
– Reviews: 3 slings – a G&P shotty sling, a Condor 1-to-2 point sling, and an M203 sling
– Update: Looking back at how items we’ve reviewed are holding up
– Garage Sale: CQB Radio items for sale for cheap
– Closing
Download and enjoy.

E-mail is, Website is, Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype. (CQB Radio)

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Boltcatch issue 6 out now

The latest issue of Boltcatch (previously Red Dot magazine) is out now:

Issue 6 of German publication BOLTCATCH Magazine is available now:


Event report: OP BORDER WAR 2
Weapon review: G&G M14 EBR Long
Airsoft International: Airsoft in Schottland:
Weapon review: VFC H&K 416 GBB
Interview: Tom Weber (MILPictures)
Weapon review: G&G G96
Event report: Jugend trifft…
Weapon review: Ares PPSH 41
Got Tools: Schutzbrillen für Brillenträger
Weapon review: WE T91
Got Tools: Garmin 301&401
Weapon review: WE M14
Got Tools: BE-X Kangaroo II
Weapon upgrade: CAA RONI Glock17
Column: Knuts Leseecke
Weapon review: Umarex H&K MP5SD6
Posters: MILPictures by Tom Weber
Cover by Jonathan Marmand


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Pearls from BB Bastard

BB Bastard have brought another innovative BB to the market:

imageBBBastard is proud to announce another innovative product from BBBastard Labs.

As part of our scouring the globe for new and innovative BB materials, we found some options that brought about the NITES product line. Now we have released another product based on the same technology. We have had thousands of requests for a BB that is .43g or better, with the same hi quality construction our Styrene products have. As part of that search we stumbled across these. Not the solution yet, but we figure we’d throw them our there and see if anyone would want to try them out!

imagePEARLS are super heavyweight airsoft ammunition geared towards non-human target sniping competitions. Each BB (like our NITES Product) is CNC machined from a latice-based molecular material to achieve consistent size, shape and distribution to and overall accuracy of 2 microns.

This is a new super heavyweight airsoft round for those snipers and purists walking way out past the edge. Take your high end rig to a whole new level. Our early adopters are getting great results with these out to 350 feet with their gas sniper rifles. Airsoft sniping competitions against non-human targets can now come a bit closer to realistic engagement distances.


As they are made of a material that mimics the tiles on the space shuttle, PEARLS are so hard that you can capture them in a home setting and reuse them. The material they are constructed from ranks third in overall hardness (GPa) behind only diamond and boron nitride, so a quick wash and dry, and right back into the chamber they go. Perfect for accurizing your airsoft rifle.

Each bag of PEARLS contains 8 rounds and cost 11.95 CDN. Get yours at BBBastard! (BB Bastard)

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Introducing Greek distributor Airsoft Center

imageAirsoft Center are established European distributors for a wide range of airsoft products and have just launched their new e-shop:

Airsoft Center is the largest Airsoft distributor in Greece with experience in selling the highest quality products. At the moment we offer over 2500 products for your war-game needs.

Visit our web site and we are certain you will find many interesting products from the largest airsoft manufactures including Tokyo Marui, G&G Armament, Vega Force Company, ICS, King Arms, WE tech, Classic Army,  SOCOM GEAR, MADBULL, KSC/KWA, Tanaka Works, Airsoft Innovations, WileyX and more!! 


Our new e-shop is open and waiting for your orders, the first 50 orders will receive a surprise gift. (Airsoft Center)

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