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Magpul FPG Ready-to-Fight Package

Magpul FPG Ready to Fight Package

Well, it’s rather “Almost Ready to Fight” as the KWA/KSC Glock 18c airsoft pistol is not yet included in this package so out of the box, you won’t be ready to battle it out in airsoft games. But it’s a good package since you get both the Beta Project 3-in-1 Magpul FPG holster which you can mount on your MOLLE equipped vest, as a drop leg or shoulder holster. You’ll need to purchase th KWA/KSC Glock 18c separately if you don’t have one. Package costs at a special price of US$259.00 from eHobby Asia.

MAGPUL PTS FPG™ Ready-To-Fight Package

  • Special Price to buy MAGPUL PTS FPG™ Conversion Kit & FPG 3-in-1 Tactical Holster together
  • The only Holster special design for FPG by Beta Project
  • 3 Modes: Shoulder Holster / MOLLE / Drop Leg
  • Package also include Magazine Base Cover & Vinyl Cut Sticker Pack (All 3 Colors)

Install KSC/KWA G18C slide assembly & Magazine (both sold separately) to complete Airsoft Version of FMG9 (Folding Pocket Gun).

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Beta Project Magpul FPG 3-in-1 Tactical Holster

The Magpul FPG kit for the KSC/KWA Glock 18c is now getting more accessories, though this is not really a new announcement but more details about this product is emerging. Available at eBaybanned, this holster can be used as shoulder holster, or mounted on on your MOLLE vest, or still, as a thigh/leg holster depending on the tactical situation you’ll be playing in. Not cheap, but it’s in cordura, priced at US$71.50.

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Magpul PTS Holster Tactique 3 en 1 pour FPG

Nouvelle exclu pour eHobby Asia qui nous propose ce holster tactique pour FPG, sous licence officielle Magpul PTS et commercialisé par Beta Project. Trois utilisations possible : holster d’épaule, de cuisse ou monté sur des passants MOLLE. Prix 55$ soit environ 44€. Photos détaillées dans la suite, ainsi qu’également une petite vidéo filmée dans les locaux du shop.

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Magpul PTS x KWA : FPG Complete version

Le Folding Pistol Gun vendue par Magpul PTS depuis quelques mois se compose d’un kit nécessitant le mécanisme et le chargeur d’un Glock 18C. Il n’en fallait pas plus pour que la marque annonce un partenariat avec KWA pour proposer des FPG en version complète prête à tirer. Plus d’infos sur le prix et la date de sortie prochainement.

Magpul PTS is very excited to announce a joint venture with KWA to manufacture a COMPLETE VERSION of the Magpul PTS Folding Pistol Gun (FPG).

KWA is a respected leader in Airsoft manufacturing which specializes in GBB technology. With innovative designs like the MP7A1 and soon to be released KMP9 (a modern rendition of the TMP), KWA is known for reliability and performance.

The Magpul PTS FPG kit recently made available on the market was developed as a licensed replica of the Magpul Industries FPG and was designed around the KWA M18C and KSC G18C Gas Blowback system. The original intent was to manufacture a conversion kit for the many KWA M18Cs and KSC G18Cs already out there in consumers’ hands. It quickly became obvious that the public interest for a completed Magpul PTS FPG was greater than just giving the preexisting M18Cs a second life. A joint venture between Magpul PTS and KWA was an obvious choice, and that is now a reality.

KWA will be producing the necessary internals of the GBB system, nearly identical to the previous M18C design but with a few modifications and performance upgrades per Magpul PTS’ request.

Magpul PTS is confident that the products resulting from this joint venture will be of the highest quality and the collaboration will pave the way for future projects. The projected MSRP and release dates are coming soon. The completed gun will ship with a high capacity magazine.

Magpul PTS

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Beta Project 3 in 1 Holster for Magpul PTS FPG

Nice timing of this kit from Beta Project which will arrive at on the 10th of May and is priced at US$55.49. This is a 3-in-1 holster for the Mapgul Folding Pocket Gun for the KWA/KSC Glock 18c and looking at the illustration, you can use this holster as a shoulder bag/holster, a waist holster, or a drop leg holster, depending on how you prefer to holster it.

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The Magpul Folding Pocket Gun Kit is Now Available for Purchase!

Airsoft GI has the Magpul PTS FPG. This revolutionary gun was revealed during Shot Show 2008 in Las Vegas and it is now available for the airsoft community thanks to Magpul’s Professional Training and Simulation Division.

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Ra-Tech : Vidéo Magpul PTS FPG

Ra-Tech nous propose une vidéo de présentation de montage et d’utilisation du kit de conversion Magpul PTS FPG pour Glock 18C de marque KSC ou KWA. A visionner ci-dessous.

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Magpul PTS FPG now at AEX

This Magpul PTS nicety is now in the shelves of Airsoft Extreme… "The much anticipated Magpul PTS FPG (Folding Pocket Gun) is ready for ordering! This conversion kit will turn your KSC/KWA G18C from pistol to folding submachine gun! This is a KIT ONLY and requires a KSC/KWA G18C slide to complete (slide not included). Get more information and order yours by clicking the image!"


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